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Lyft Offers $4.20 off Rides on 4/20 in These 8 Cities

Lyft Offers $4.20 off Rides on 4/20 in These 8 Cities
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Lyft Offers $4.20 off Rides on 4/20 in These 8 Cities

Ride out your high.

If you’re partying hard this 4/20 you should probably make transportation arrangements that don’t include getting behind the wheel.

And this year, rideshare company Lyft is offering a discount to make it easier to get around responsibly.

More specifically, Lyft is offering discounted rides to people in select cities throughout the U.S. and Canada on 4/20.

$4.20 Rides

Lyft’s new 4/20 promotion lets riders get one ride for $4.20 at any point on Saturday, April 20.

To get the deal, you need to enter in the correct promo code when you book your ride.

The discount will only be made available to people using the service in certain cities. Here are the cities where you can get the discount, along with the promo code:

  • San Francisco Bay Area: 420BAYAREA19
  • Boston: 420BOS19
  • Colorado: 420CO19
  • Detroit: 420DET19
  • Las Vegas: RIDESMART420
  • Ottawa: 420OTT19
  • Seattle: 420SEA19
  • Toronto: 420TO19

According to Lyft, the promotion is aimed at providing riders with a safe designated driver on 4/20.

In many of the cities where the company is offering the deal, Lyft has partnered with local companies and agencies, including law enforcement, Departments of Transportation, and others.

“This 4/20, we’re encouraging those taking part to plan ahead with a Lyft ride as we continue to work towards safer streets and communities,” Lyft representatives told regional media outlets.

Companies Offering 4/20 Specials

Lyft is the latest in a growing list of companies to get on the 4/20 bandwagon by offering some sort of 4/20-themed special.

In years past, Nike was arguably the most well-known company to release special 4/20 products.

Typically, in the days or weeks before April 20, the company comes out with a limited edition sneaker that includes some sort of nod to cannabis.

Past years have included hemp sneakers and outer space-themed “spaced out” sneakers.

This year’s “walk the dog” release is a bit of an anomaly. That’s because the weed theme is much more subtle.

This year’s shoe features dog fur patterns and Dalmatian spots. The main body is still green. And that is arguably the only real marijuana-inspired element.

As the cannabis industry continues its explosive growth, more and more companies are riding the 4/20 wave.

For example, alcohol company Four Loko is releasing a hemp flavored drink.

And Carl’s Jr. is making history this year when it becomes the first major fast food chain to sell a cannabis-infused product.

The company is selling a limited edition CBD-infused burger. For now, the sandwich will only be sold on Saturday at one location in Denver.

But if the burger performs well, Carl’s Jr. may start rolling it out in other markets around the country.

Interestingly, CBD products seem to open the door more than ever before for companies like Carl’s Jr. to try experimental products.

That’s because of legal technicalities. In general, current federal laws make it much easier to bring a product to market if it contains CBD without any THC.

In so doing, the bill effectively removes legal roadblocks from developing and marketing products containing hemp-derived CBD.

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