The World’s Biggest Dab Hit

What’s the record for the world’s biggest dab hit? The record-keeping on this one is a bit unofficial. But there are two contenders that top the charts: Glasassin and Mountain Man. Depending on where you stand, however, only one of these two is the legit record-holder. Who do you think deserves the title?

A Record-Breaking 31 Gram Dab Hit?

With what is truly the understatement of the year, Glasassin’s world record 31 gram dab video starts off with a simple: “It’s time to get f*cking stoned.”

But it’s not quite time. Glasassin and his buddies still have to heat up their other-worldly all glass and quartz dab rig with two industrial strength blow torches. That’s because the dab rig through which he’ll try to hit 31 grams worth of oil is different than most.

The rig is a dual 50mm hater keg attached to an XXXL Jammer. Instead of using red-hot nails to instantly vaporize the dab, this rig liquefies the dab in the quartz keg first, then additional heat and pressure from a quartz nail vaporizes the liquid one puff at a time.

Major props to Glassasin for having the guts to attempt the world’s biggest dab hit. He certainly gives it his all. But a combination of clumsy assistants and a dab rig that’s not quite up for the challenge led many to doubt whether this is actually the record, or not.

The quartz kegs lose heat quickly. Glasassin is chiefing away, and two minutes in, he breaks his breathing to cough and take in some air. It’s just a couple second’s break; so we can give him a pass. But the cooling kegs are making things tough. Other dudes rush in with the blowtorches to revive the session, but others warn them not to burn the dab.

After another minute or so, the oil virtually stops vaporizing. The rig is too cool. No one said taking a 31 gram dab hit would be easy! With the world’s biggest dab hit on the line, Glasassin switches to his backup setup. He’s careful not to breath until he makes the switch. But now it’s starting to feel more like two hits than one.

Glasassin puts all he can into the effort, but in the end, it proves too much for him. The backup rig needed re-heating mid-hit, too, and it’s obvious the vapor was too hot for comfort. With oil still in the keg, he taps out.

It’s a truly valiant effort, and absolutely entertaining to watch. But the YouTube comments have it right (for once) when they say “for an actual world’s biggest dab hit record, the nail has to be able to vaporize all the oil. If not it’s really not a 31 gram dab…” Agreed.

So for the real record, for the truly most insane and greatest dab hit you have ever seen, you have to check out Mountain Man’s 22 gram dab it.

The TRUE World’s Largest Dab hit 22.5 Grams?

Mountain Man set the real record with a 22.5 gram dab he took down on November 6, 2014. The event took place at a Denver, Colorado cannabis club, the Hat Pin Social Club. In a completely insane session, Mountain Man completed his feat before an awe-struck audience.

Front and center is Mountain Man, clad in camo overalls with his long hair tied in a pony-tail. He looks loose and relaxed as he watches the custom dab rig he’ll use start to heat up its twin nails. The device is a maze of glass pipes, chambers, and hoses, hooked up to an electronic heating source for controlling the temperature of the rig.

Then, people bring out the dab for its official weigh in. It looks like a gnarly nightcrawler or some kind of earthworm. The twisted, rope-like consistency of the glob is the result of placing it in the refrigerator to firm it up and make it a bit less sticky.

People are talking about a “21 gram dab,” but the scale says otherwise. It reads out a steady 22.5 grams. The new record for world’s biggest dab.

People are talking about a “21 gram dab,” but the scale says otherwise. It reads out a steady 22.5 grams. The new record for world’s largest dab.

The dab rig’s nails are red hot, and someone off camera cuts the glob into two equal parts. One for each nail. Mountain Man has just one thing to say before he begins: Don’t stop the music. If the music stops, I stop.

An acid trance backbeat starts pulsating through the room, and Mountain Man is ready. An assistant starts lowering one of the dab globs onto one of the nails. It vaporizes instantly into a gigantic cloud.

Mountain Man starts circular breathing like some mad chimney. Huge, deep breaths of THC vapor in and steady steam-pipe exhales out through his nose. The entire table is soon swamped with smoke.

Mountain Man: World’s Biggest Dab Hit

Of course, to set the record for the world’s biggest dab hit, there’s just one rule. You have to inhale the vapor, the whole vapor, and nothing but the vapor. In other words, no breaks, no stops. No “catching your breath.”

For Mountain Man, breathing and dabbing are one and the same. He looks like he’s melded with the machine, just another one if its chambers.

Meanwhile, everyone downwind of the dab rig is getting high as hell. The first 11-plus gram dab is nearly completely liquid bubbling on top of the nail. So the crowd decides it’s time to cap it.

For a moment, something seems wrong. And someone points out that Mountain Man is breathing so heavily, that he’s taking in some of the water from the rig. Somehow, he hadn’t been coughing from the dab hit. But not so with the water.

It’s time to make an adjustment to the rig. Mountain Man leans back and starts holding his breath. That’s dedication to the mission of setting the record, but it’s not about that for MM.

After just 20 seconds, the perfect amount of time for starting up the second glob on the other nail, he’s back to it. Then, the caps go back on. Mountain Man is on the home stretch. The crowd cheers and offers support and encouragement, but Mountain Man has clearly left them all behind. He’s on a totally different plane of existence at this point.

By the time the entire thing is over, Mountain Man has been inhaling pure THC vapor for over 4 minutes straight (not counting that 20-second pause). For, literally, almost exactly a 4 minute and 20 second continuous dab hit. Clearly, the cannabis gods were smiling on Mountain Man that day.

World’s Largest Dab Hit: The Aftermath

When it’s all over, Mountain Man sits with his head down. His body is shaking, coughing, rolling with the huge and sudden shock to his system.

MM is a medical cannabis patient who uses THC and CBD to treat the chronic, debilitating pain in both of his knees. Hitting such a massive dab is part fun, of course, but mostly therapy for him.

He says that after something like this, his lungs get “heavy” with THC, bringing him pain relief for weeks at a time.

“How do your knees feel?” someone shouts?

“How do your knees feel?” Someone shouts?

Without looking up, Mountain Man throws up two thumbs up, while still coughing. His entire body is beet red. The onlookers leave him to recover as he re-ties his ponytail. They’re busy reliving the moment on their phones.

When Mountain Man finally comes to, he still seems like a man who’s traveled to a different dimension and come back. He doesn’t seem too available for comment but drifts through the crowd like a prophet indifferent to the adoration of his fans. Finally, the guy running the dab rig come up to him and sums everything up in one simple phrase: that was insanity at its finest.

In an interview prior to his Herculean feat of dab ripping, Mountain Man wanted to let everyone know that he paid for his own dabs. And furthermore, that whatever remained in the rig’s reclaim chamber wouldn’t get wasted, but would go to help a young cancer patient, Landon Riddle. For Mountain Man, that’s what it was all about in the first place: taking his medicine and helping a little kid. “It’s not about competition, it’s about wanting to feel good,” Mountain Man said.

Insanity At Its Finest

There’s no official Guinness Book of world records related to cannabis. So the real “world records,” for, say, the largest cannabis plant, the strain with the highest THC, or the world’s biggest dab hit, are always up for debate. Still, there are some contenders that are clearly operating on a totally level.

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