Billy Ray Cyrus is a Nug of Weed in His New Music Video

The misadventures of Billy Ray Cyrus nug?

(Billy Ray Cyrus/Youtube)

Cannabis has been a big part of Miley Cyrus’s rise to fame. Throughout her often times controversial career, the actor and singer has been very open and very public about her relationship with weed.

Now, it’s becoming an all-out family affair. Miley’s dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, is also a musician. And in his newest music video, he makes it very clear that weed is also a part of his life.

Billy Ray Cyrus’s New Weed-Themed Music Video

The video for Cyrus’s new song, “Angel In My Pocket,” was released yesterday. And it’s already starting to attract a lot of attention.

The entire video is a loosely-told claymation story in which all the characters—including Billy Ray’s singing and guitar playing character—are weed nugs.

In the story depicted in the video, the Billy Ray Cyrus nug is an attendant at a humorously-named gas station, “Nug Nation.” Inside the gas station, a line of unhappy nugs waits to be served at the cash register.

When it becomes clear that Billy Ray nug isn’t doing his job, he gets in a fight with his boss. Ultimately, the little Billy Ray nug gets fired.

From there, Billy Ray goes on a little nuggy adventure. He smokes a joint. He flirts with another nug. At one point, he drives his car off a mound of dirt and ends up being launched right into a field of weed plants.

After that, the Billy Ray nug gets into a little wild west style showdown with a bunch of other outlaw weed nugs. And at one point, Billy Ray’s character gets a little help from a claymation joint character.

Check out the full video here:

Billy Ray Cyrus and Weed

Prior to this video, Billy Ray’s most well-known public connections to weed were mostly by way of Miley.

But the country singer has his own history with weed, independent of his daughter.

Besides his brand new weed-themed music video, Billy Ray made headlines earlier this year for a photo he shared on Facebook.

The photo in question shows his wife, Tish Cyrus, standing next to a huge stash of weed. In the photo, there are at least 15 huge bags of weed, wrapped up and placed inside what looks like a black safe.

Billy Ray posted the photo to Facebook on February 15 with the caption: “Yes! Like I said Tish Cyrus . . . my how the times they are a changing.”

In the immediate aftermath of the photo, Billy Ray came under fire from some country music fans.

Additionally, many people saw the photo and voiced frustration over the unequal application of cannabis prohibition laws.

For example, one viewer tweeted: “Just got a call yesterday about a kid arrested with 15 lbs and y’all got Joel Embid size safe full.”

And another person wrote: “Think of all the people incarcerated right now on marijuana charges. And you wonder why so many people understand that criminal justice is often neither fair nor just.”

Tish eventually responded to some of these comments, clarifying that the weed wasn’t actually theirs. But, she added, “if it was, that would be amazing for so many reasons!”

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