Famous Dex Buys $500 Moon Rocks Coated in Gold

Famous Dex isn't ready to stop his excessive spending on weed.

Green Rush Daily

After Famous Dex confessed that he spends $10,000 a month on weed, we expected him to start doing some bud-geting. After answering an interview question about how much weed he consumes, he admitted that his spending habits needed to stop.

In fact, he said the amount he spends wasn’t worth it because he has kids.

“That money can go towards a house, it can go towards a building, I can invest that money,” the young artist reflected.

Hopefully, that house has already been purchased, because he’s at it again, spending $500 on moon rocks coated in gold. Moon rocks are full cannabis nugs that are traditionally soaked in hash oil before being rolled into a pile of sticky kief. The end result is one of the messiest but most potent forms of weed you can smoke.

Moon Rocks Coated in Gold

In the series of short videos posted to social media, Famous Dex has a handful of what look to be solid nuggets of 24K gold. When we say 24K gold, we’re not talking about the strain made from crossing DNA Genetic’s popular Tangie and Kosher Kush strains. We mean actual gold. It wasn’t until his voice said “moon rocks” that we even realized what we were looking at.

The video opens up with the words “24 gold karat,” followed by some slurring from Famous Dex about people not smoking like he is.

“I had to get it,” Dexter said in the first video with another voice saying “we’re some pioneers.”

In the next clip, the caption says “$500 mood rock” instead of moon rock with some more slurred commentating from Dexter.

The next video shows the unground moon rocks sparkling in a joint rolling machine, mixed with some regular weed.

From the perspective of many Instagram users, the moon rocks Famous Dex attempted to flex looked suspicious, to say the least. The bottle he poured them out of didn’t look like any high-end or licensed cannabis brand we’ve ever seen. One of the most liked comments claimed it was weed covered in gold spray paint.

Take a look at the video and let us know what you think of moon rocks coated in gold. Would you smoke that, let alone spend $500 on it?

Famous Dex has been far from discreet about his weed use. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about his weed habits, it’s that they’re extra. In one of his most recent Instagram photos, he’s holding a massive cluster of weed nugs from the legendary grower, Sherbinski. Despite his moments of reflection in his interview with DJ Smallz, it seems like Dexter’s his excessive weed spending continues.

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