Post Malone Starts Weed Business Called “Shaboink”

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As the cannabis industry continues to explode, it’s becoming very common for celebrities to find some way to get into the scene. Now, it looks like Post Malone is the latest celeb to become a cannabis entrepreneur.

Post Malone’s New Company

Post Malone officially debuted his new weed company earlier this week.

Specifically, he announced the launch of his company “Shaboink” at the cannabis trade show Hall of Flowers, which was held at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California.

Post Malone and his Shaboink brand will reportedly carry a full line of cannabis products. This will include a specialty line of flower. Similarly, Shaboink will market pre-rolled joints and vaporizers. And additionally, the company will also market a line of weed-related accessories.

In keeping with larger trends in the cannabis industry, Post Malone’s company will develop both THC and CBD products.

For now, the company is slated to first roll out its products in the California market. And as reported by TMZ, the company’s official market launch will begin on July 4, which is also Post Malone’s 24th birthday.

Shaboink’s flower will reportedly be grown by California-based weed cultivation company Hemper Co.

Other Celebrity Weed Companies At Hall of Flowers

Post Malone wasn’t the only big name to debut a new weed company at this week’s Hall of Flowers event.

Artist and weed culture legend Zach “Jesushands” Fernandez also announced his own cannabis company during the trade show.

Fernandez is probably best known for his artistic prank on the iconic Hollywood sign.

On the first day of 2017, Fernandez transformed the Hollywood sign so that it read “Hollyweed” instead.

To accomplish the transformation, Fernandez scrambled up the hill to the sign. From there, he used tarps to cover up parts of the two “O”s in Hollywood, making them look like lower case “e”s instead. The end result: a massive Hollyweed sign in the hills above L.A.

Now, the cannabis prankster is launching a weed company using the name of his most famous piece. Hollyweed will sell a line of pre-rolled joints, vapes, edibles, and other weed-related merchandise.

As reported by Hollywood Reporter, other high-profile names to announce cannabis companies and products this week include:

  • Rapper The Game debuted a new line of flower for his brand Trees by Game.
  • 2 Chainz, also a rapper, announced that his brand, Gas, is developing a new line of pre-rolls and flower.
  • Well-known chef team Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo are launching a company called Pantry. This company will market low-dose cannabis edibles.

Celebrities Love Weed Companies

As is clear by the list of big-time names participating in this week’s Hall of Flowers, celebrities appear to be intrigued by the prospects of starting weed companies.

To date, this includes a large number of musicians. For example, Willie Nelson has his own line of marijuana flower.

And several rappers, including Snoop Dogg and others, have moved into the legal industry as well.

Earlier this year, Martha Stewart entered the industry through a partnership with cannabis giant Canopy Growth.

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