Rob Van Dam Wrestled High for Close to 100 Percent of his Career

And he was never shy about it.

Legendary pro wrestler Rob Van Dam loves weed. And he’s never been shy about it. But even though many fans probably know he likes to get high, it seems likely that few people have really understood just how much Van Dam smokes.

The wrestler recently sat down for an interview with Chris Van Vliet. And not surprisingly, their conversation eventually turned to the topic of weed. At that point in the interview, Van Dam talked about how often he gets high while wrestling. Hint: it’s a lot.

Rob Van Dam Gets High Almost Every Time He Wrestles

When the topic of cannabis first comes up, Van Vliet starts off by asking the wrestler how often he used to smoke weed at different points in his career. Here’s how Rob Van Dam explained it:

During the first part of his career, when he wrestled in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), Van Dam apparently smoked weed all the time. Literally.

“I’m going to say 100%,” Rob Van Dam said in the interview, describing his time with the ECW during the 1990s. And he wasn’t talking about getting high before or after matches in his personal time. He said he was high during all of his actual wrestling matches.

According to Van Dam’s interview, he started scaling things back later in his career. But even then, he was still high pretty much every time he was in the ring.

“After that, from 2001 all the way to my last run in 2014, in which case I would say it was much, much lower,” Van Dam said. “Like maybe 90% of the time.”

Safe to Wrestle While High?

From there, Van Vliet asked Rob Van Dam if there were any safety concerns about being high while wrestling.

“I don’t know,” the wrestler said. “Back in the day I know there would be certain people that would put together the fact that I would hurt a lot of people and the fact that I was stoned.”

“But looking back at it, I don’t think so,” Van Dam said.

He added: “When you use it all the time it doesn’t affect you the way it affects other people.”

Rob Van Dam also said that he used to get angry when people suggested that his cannabis consumption had something to do with his performance in the ring.

“When I was in the competitive state of mind, I would be offended by that like ‘Screw you. You’re saying something about me and my skills. I can do this with my eyes closed,'” Van Dam said. “My ego would take over like that.”

Legendary Wrestler Loves Weed

Van Dam is one of the biggest names in pro wrestling history. Over the course of his decades-long career, he racked up tons of accolades.

He wrestled in pretty much every big-name league or organization, including ECW, World Wrestling Federation (WWF), World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA).

In total, he won 21 championships. And perhaps most notably, he is the only wrestler to ever win the ECW World Heavyweight Championship,WWE Championship, and TNA World Heavyweight Championship. And apparently weed played a big role in all of it.

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