10 Country Music Artists That Love Weed

When you think about weed and music, country probably isn't the first genre that comes to mind. But after reading about these country music artists that love weed, you may see things a little differently.

9. Brantley Gilbert

Brantley Gilbert hails from Jefferson, Georgia. He’s won a number of CMA awards and was recently nominated by Billboard for Top Country Album with his 2015 record, “Just As I Am.”

Gilbert takes a more humble approach to his love of weed. While he says he has lots of stories about smoking weed, including a few with Willie Nelson, he typically keeps his cards close.

“I have a story, but I can’t tell it, because I would never smoke weed because it is against the law, and I am a law abiding citizen and never lie,” Gilbert said in an interview, wearing a wry grin.

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