6 Reasons Why You Should Smoke Weed In College

College is an environment where stress and anxiety are commonplace and students ache for an outlet. Some turn to alcohol, which often results in lower grades and poor health. Some turn to prescription medication, which can lead to addiction or death. Others turn to weed.

Cannabis has been a staple for college kids for years and for good reason. There are a plethora of positive effects cannabis has on students around the world.

Smoking weed regularly has been shown to increase happiness, relieve anxiety, and help with sleep. These factors are lacking in college communities but those who turn to weed know that smoking while in school can be beneficial.

6. Increased creativity

For many, creativity spawns after smoking a bowl or two and it’s easier to think outside of the box. This can be especially helpful for students in art programs and writing schools. Often, the stress of students workloads can block their creative streaks. Weed can be the key to relaxing and clearing your mind enough to let the creativity flow.

5. Better focus

Smoking before educational tasks can increase focus and allow for more efficient thinking. Not to mention, certain strains can aid students who have disorders like ADD or ADHD depending on the dosage.

4. Better sleep

Many students suffer from insomnia due to conflicting work and school schedules. One of the most common reasons for cannabis use among college students is better sleep. The right strain can not only aid in falling asleep faster but staying asleep longer. It also helps with maintaining deep sleep, providing more energy when you wake.

3. Decreased Anxiety

Anxiety is as commonplace in colleges as exams are. Many students struggle with not only anxiety but depression as well. This can be a reaction caused by underlying conditions but it can also increase due to being away from home, less sleep, and alcohol use. Studies have shown that cannabis use can alleviate anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses.

2. Increased happiness

One of the most appealing results of smoking marijuana in college is the mood boost that it can provide. Due to the “side effects” of college life, happiness can be a rare treat to come by. Cannabis can assist in this area. THC can reduce blood pressure and increase relaxation creating a pleasant reaction in your brain which can boost your mood.

1. Less drinking

Perhaps one of the most obvious, however still impressive things weed can do for college students is lower the urge to drink. Drinking can be a huge problem on a lot of college campus’, increasing alcohol-related deaths and lowering GPA’s as well as health. Many college stoners drink less and as a result, have better health, decreased depression, and better performance in school.

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