Woody Harrelson Applies For Marijuana Dispensary in Hawaii

Woody Harrelson has applied for a grant to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Hawaii under his company's name, Simple Organic Living LLC.

After applying to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Hawaii, Woody Harrelson is hoping to cash in on some green in the Aloha State. Harrelson applied for his grant to open a dispensary under his company’s name, Simple Organic Living.

His decision to try and become a dispensary owner is the latest pro-pot move to come from Harrelson, a well known and outspoken cannabis advocate.

Some highlights from his marijuana advocacy resume include wearing clothes made entirely out of hemp to draw attention to cannabis prohibition laws, and getting arrested for illegally planting hemp seeds.

Woody Harrelson on SNL doing a weed skit.

He’s also been a keynote speaker at NORML Conferences, he narrated the cannabis documentary Grass, and made an appearance in the 2012 documentary Hempsters: Plant the Seed.

And in 2001, he took the stage of Seattle’s Hempfest, where he announced: “I recently decided to stop smoking, but I thought more about it and decided I didn’t want to be a quitter!”

Harrelson was one of 66 people who applied for rights to open dispensaries in the state.

The State Department of Health has just released the complete list of applicants, which also includes Henk Roberts, the guy who created “Tetris,” and Dirk Fukushima, a television producer.

The recent application process is part of Hawaii’s efforts to roll out a new set of medical marijuana laws it passed last year.

Under the new laws, the state will grant eight licenses for cannabis business owners to set up shop.

The lucky cannapreneurs who are selected will be allowed to open two production centers and two retail dispensaries each. If everything goes smoothly, that means Hawaii could see as many as 16 brand new dispensaries open sometime this year.

Many are hoping that the influx of new business these grants will generate could be an economic boon to parts of the state that are struggling financially, which is why cannabis business owners may also have the chance to tap into some significant tax breaks if they open shop in and “enterprise zone,” areas defined by the state as economically depressed.

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