How To Clean A Pipe: A Step-by-Step Guide

The drawback of using a pipe, though, is that it gets pretty grimy pretty quickly. Fortunately for you, here's the perfect guide on how to clean a pipe.

Using a glass pipe to spark up is among the most convenient ways to do it. You don’t have to fill it with any water like a bong, nor do you have to roll papers like with a joint or blunt carefully. It’s as simple as putting the weed in the bowl and lighting it up. The drawback of using a pipe, though, is that it gets pretty grimy pretty quickly. Resin sticks to the glass insides with every hit, and its small size means that gunk builds up rapidly. And let’s face it: a pipe caked with resin just doesn’t hit right. The smoke gets obstructed in the already small piece, and your tokes taste less like weed and more like ash. So cleaning it well, and cleaning it often, is super important. Fortunately for you, you’ve got access to the perfect guide on how to clean a pipe. Follow these simple instructions and your pipe will be sparkling clean in no time.

How To Clean A Pipe

1. Assemble your materials

Cleaning your pipe is an easy process that requires just a few basic items. You’ve probably got all this stuff lying around your house, so start rummaging through your things until you’ve found all of the following:

  • Epsom salt or table salt
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Ziploc baggy
  • Q-tips

2. Rinse your pipe

Cleaning your pipe is just a matter of getting all that resin out, and the first step to doing that is loosening it up. Rinse out the inside of your pipe with the hottest water your hands can take. The hotter the water, the better – just don’t burn yourself.

If you’ve got access to some latex dish gloves, you may want to use them so you can crank up the heat. Once you’ve rinsed your pipe for a minute or two, you’re ready for the next step.

3. Put your pipe in the baggy

Open up that Ziploc baggy and put your pipe inside. The size of the baggy isn’t too important; as long as your pipe can fit inside and the baggy can close, you’re ready to go.

4. Pour the salt into the baggy

Take a liberal amount of salt and pour it into the baggy along with your pipe. You’re going to want to use a lot of salt here, so take about 2 tablespoons and dump it in.

5. Pour the rubbing alcohol into the baggy

For the rest of the cleaning process, you’re going to want to be holding your baggy above the sink.

Take the rubbing alcohol and fill it until your pipe is entirely submerged in the alcohol-salt solution. This combination is what’s going to get all that grime off of your piece, so you want to be sure to keep pouring until the pipe is totally submerged in the alcohol.

6. Seal the baggy

Now carefully seal the baggy. You want to be sure there won’t be any leaks or holes for the next step, so make sure it’s closed tightly.

7. Shake vigorously

Use one hand to keep a firm grip on the top of the baggy where the seal is, and take your other hand and grab the pipe from the outside. Now, shake the piece vigorously. This allows your cleaning solution to slosh through every nook and cranny of your pipe.

You’ll want to keep at it for awhile to ensure a thorough cleaning, so take about 5 minutes to keep shaking it up.

8. Dump and rinse

Your baggy should now be filled with a gnarly looking brownish liquid – dump that all down the drain. Now take your pipe and rinse it under some warm water, and the fruits of your labor will become apparent.

Flushing the pipe allows all the gunk that is now off of your piece to wash down the drain, and before you know it your pipe will look as spotless as the day you bought it. You’ll want to rinse thoroughly to get the taste of alcohol and salt off of the pipe before your next session.

9. Scrub the inside if necessary

For particularly neglected pipes, the above steps may not have been enough to cleanse your piece of all that resin entirely. That’s when a couple of Q-tips come in handy.

Soak the end of a Q-tip in rubbing alcohol and scrub away at any stubborn areas where there’s still some gunk. After being submerged and shaken in the cleaning solution, the applied pressure from the Q-tip will be plenty of force to get your pipe squeaky clean.

Be sure to rinse your piece again to get the alcohol from the scrub out, and your glassware will be as good as new.

The Final Hit

Keeping your pipe looking fresh is easy with the right technique and this guide on how to clean a pipe offers just that. Bear in mind that the more often you clean your pipe, the easier it will be to get the resin out each time. So consult this guide and clean your piece often to enjoy big tasty tokes each and every time.

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