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How to Braid a Joint

How to Braid a Joint


How to Braid a Joint

Who even wants to be smoking regular joints nowadays? It’s time to mix it up, use a couple more of those rolling papers, and learn how to braid a joint.

What You’ll Need To Braid A Joint

The process of creating the braided joint is what might give people some trouble. So start with rolling three separate joints. You’ll want them thin but loose, easy to work with. Once you have three, use a hair tie or rubber band to hold the joints together at one end. Then it’s time to braid.

Time to Get Braided

So obviously if you don’t already know how to braid, this tutorial may quickly become very difficult for you. But this walkthrough will hopefully help. First, take a small piece of rolling paper and tightly bind the joint ends being held together with your rubber band. It serves as extra hold and it just looks better.

To braid them, begin with all three joints side by side, parallel. Next, take your two joints on the right, crossing the right joint under the center one and placing it towards the middle. Next, take your joint on the far left and pull it across, weaving it under the far right joint and over the middle one.

At this point, the end of the far right joint should be all the way to the left, with the middle joint curling back towards the middle and the far left joint to the right. If this all looks good, loop your right joint back under the middle joint and over the left joint. With your middle joint towards the left now, loop that one back under the left joint and over the right joint. Continue this process with whichever joint ends up furthest left, being sure to weave it back under the joint to its right and over the joint furthest from it.

The Grand Reveal

That was explained as clearly as possible, so hopefully, you were able to follow along… if so, great! You now know how to braid a joint. Check out this diagram as a rough guide to follow along with. At this point if you want to improve the durability, bind the mouthpiece you created with the rolling papers. Also, to keep it compact, do the same to the other ends as well, making it easier to light all three ends when smoking it.

Do not be fooled, there is techniques involved with rolling joints! Make sure you’ve mastered the art of rolling one before you decide to roll three and braid them together. Joints provide a certain element that you just can’t get from pipes or bongs, and when done right they are game changers. Take your time, and revel in the ooh’s and aah’s that come upon the grand reveal of your braided joint.

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