How To Roll a Cone Joint: A Step-by-Step Guide

One of the most popular ways to roll up is the cone joint. The finished product should look like a baseball bat. The side you spark will be way fatter than the end you smoke out of. This design has several functional advantages. We’ll go over how to roll a cone joint and all the reasons you should.

Why Roll a Cone Joint?

Is there any benefit to rolling a cone joint versus rolling it cigarette style? Definitely. First of all, there’s less and less weed towards the end of the joint. That means less waste when you toss a roach clip. Furthermore, the smaller mouthpiece will make it harder for pieces of weed to fly into your mouth without the use of a filter tip. You can still use a filter tip but they add a harsh taste to your joint anyway. Why not roll a cone and skip the filter altogether?

Since there is a wider tip it’s also easier to pack more weed into the tip of the joint when there’s empty space. Plus you’ll get high sooner than later. Since it goes from big to small as you smoke the joint, the first few puffs are the most potent. So if you’re planning on sharing you might want to do “puff and pass” instead of “puff, puff, pass.” Otherwise, the first person to smoke gets the most weed.

How To Roll a Cone Joint

To roll a cone joint you just need rolling papers of your choice and weed. Once your weed is ground take a piece of paper from the pack and follow these steps.

  1. Spread your weed across the center of the paper in the shape of a sideways V or pizza slice.
  2. If you’re using a filter tip add it to the end with less weed. It should gradually increase in size as you go from the mouthpiece to the other end.
  3. Keep rolling the paper around the weed until it takes on the shape of a cone.
  4. Once the greens hold together you can lick and tightly roll it shut. Be sure to leave no gaps between the paper and bud. Gaps will cause your joint to canoe while smoking.
  5. Use the back of a pen or a similar item to pack the weed from the tip down.
  6. You can easily add more weed in the empty space. You can also twist the end of the paper shut if you don’t want to put more bud in. Just burn that off before you start inhaling any smoke.

After completing these steps you’re ready to smoke. Now you know how to roll a cone joint. It takes some practice but once you get it down you can roll cones in less than 5 minutes.

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