How to Make Your Own Cannabis Concentrates

There are several ways to make your own cannabis concentrates. Some more complex than others. Depending on the extraction method you may need several pieces of advanced equipment. Or you can just use a little bit of heat and some elbow grease. It all depends on what you prefer and how much work you want to put in. We’ll go over the best ways to make your own cannabis concentrates.

Making Cannabis Concentrates with Butane

The most common way to make cannabis concentrates is with butane. This method isn’t recommended for newbies because there are risks involved. Since butane is a highly combustible gas many people have blown up their kitchens trying to make BHO. If you insist on using this method try to do it outdoors or somewhere with a lot of ventilation.

You’ll need an extraction tube, a bunch of weed, and a vacuum purge. Fill the tube up with weed first packing it down until there’s no air left.

How To:

Place a mesh screen at the end of the tube and hold it above a pyrex dish. You can start to run butane through the top hole of the tube until it all drips onto the dish.

Afterward, the purging process begins to remove any remaining butane. A vacuum purging system is the best way to accomplish this. It can take two to three days to completely purge the product of butane. Put a lighter’s flame to your cannabis concentrates to test for butane. If the dab ignites there is still butane in it which is harmful when inhaled. Keep purging until this doesn’t happen.

Making Cannabis Concentrates with QWISO

One of the fastest ways to make cannabis concentrates with a solvent is with the Quick Wash ISOpropyl or QWISO method. You’ll just need weed, a grinder, coffee filters, and 99% isopropyl alcohol.

How To:

Put as much ground weed as you want into a glass jar. For every 10 grams of bud add 150ml of isopropyl alcohol. Close the jar and shake like crazy for 30 seconds. Don’t shake it too much because chlorophyll will be extracted.

Put the filter on top of another jar and pour your jar of alcohol soaked buds out into it. Filtering can take anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour. What you’ll be left with is a green liquid.

Pour the contents of the jar out onto a flat surfaced container or plate. You can place a fan over it and leave it to evaporate for 12 to 24 hours.

Once there are no traces of liquid on the plate you can use a razor blade to scrape up your concentrate and store it. We recommend parchment paper or a silicone jar to avoid sticky situations.

Making Cannabis Concentrates with The Rosin Technique

The safest and easiest way to make cannabis concentrates is with the rosin technique. The only things required are cannabis, heat, and pressure. By applying heat while squeezing buds, oil begins to ooze out of the trichomes.

How To:

First, set the straightener to 300° Fahrenheit or less. Then, take a piece of parchment paper and fold it in half. Afterward, place a nug inside at the center so there is plenty of paper on the sides of the herb. Finally, put the paper with the weed at the center of the straightener’s plates and squeeze as hard as possible. After 5 to 10 seconds and some light sizzling, you’re all done.

With this technique, you won’t need to buy tons of butane. You’ll also save money and time by not needing a vacuum purge. It can take two to three days to completely purge BHO of all solvents. On the other hand, rosin is ready to dab immediately.

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