The Best Strains To Have Sex On

It’s no secret that cannabis can vastly improve your sex life and sex itself. The feelings and orgasms are heightened due to a release in the brain that controls, “euphoria.” If you’re having sex with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or any old friend, be sure to try to use one of these powerful sex strains.


Well, obviously. Sexxpot strain was created by a woman and is specifically designed with the female O in mind. This indica strain has a relatively low level of THC so that the overall high encourages orgasm, but doesn’t overwhelm the nerve endings in the body.

Sexxpot is one of sex strains created by Karyn Wagner to put the smoker in a great “headspace,” because it balances out the hormones in the body. This strain will definitely have you loving sex all the more.

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This strain promotes deep physical relaxation, so the body is fully relieved of any stresser or O blockers. Even with these effects, Goo also gives the smoker a cerebral high, which can increase focus and energy.

Both of these things attribute this as the go to oral sex strain. The body will feel at ease, which is needed for a woman to be able to orgasm. Both men and women alike can share in the comfort of a deep body relaxation as they are gettin’ it on.

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Cherry Pie

This strain was literally made for sexy times. Cherry Pie is a hybrid strain that has an exceptionally high amount of THC, which is perfect for relaxing the body and easing pain. The effects of this strain are almost immediate and can last for however many hours you plan on doing the dirty.

The medicinal use of this weird, however is what makes it perfect for some sex, (anal) you plan on having. Cherry Pie will completely rid your body of any aches, and relax your muscles. This strain will relax all muscles in your body, even that one.

Vanilla Kush

Now this strain is for that passionate, slow, connection feeling type sex. Vanilla Kush is a completely dominant indica strain that has a THC level of 20%, which means it’s effects for users are extremely strong.

The strong smell of vanilla that this strain gives off is both an aphrodisiac and relaxing. This strain will completely deplete all tension and anxiety that the user is feeling, while allowing for some intimate body tingling love making.

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