Cannabis and Sex: Is it really better?

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Cannabis and Sex

By now, you may have heard someone go on about how much better sex was for them while high. Cannabis and sex have been studied together for centuries in the U.S. many users report enhanced sexual experiences when high but in some studies, nearly half say it does little or nothing to improve their sex lives. This may be due to improper dosing. Marijuana has been found to make users more sensitive to touch which may make sex feel better than usual.

Why is the proper dose important?

If you get too high, you may not feel like doing anything let alone an engaging in physical activity with your partner. So unless you’re a pot smoking vet who is used to smoking before any activity, it’s best to toke lightly before bed-time with your boo.

With lower doses of marijuana, there have been several studies that found marijuana to better sex for the majority of participants. Mathew Gerson, founder of a cannabis-infused lube company Foria, claims that “as a guy, I found that using cannabis during sex was dependent on the dose, but for my girlfriend, it was always a yes.”

Mary Millus/Green Rush Daily

Does weed enhance sexual desire and satisfaction?

Women are apparently more likely than men to report increased sexual desire with marijuana use. One study showed that 90 percent of women said marijuana was increasing their feelings of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. 40 percent of women stated that marijuana enhanced their orgasm.

In one study 75 percent of men said that using marijuana increased their sexual pleasure and satisfaction. 68 percent of them reported a more intense orgasm, and 39 percent claimed it increased the duration of their intercourse.

A 2013 study, observed women watching porn while sober and while under the effects of marijuana. After toking up a significant increase in arousal was reported by participants.

During the 1980’s several studies looked into pot’s effects on sex. The results of a Kansas City study of 97 male and female adults found that “over two-thirds reported increased sexual pleasure and satisfaction while using marijuana.” The same survey found that emotional closeness and the physical enjoyment of snuggling were also enhanced.

We recommend avoiding edibles because they take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to kick in, and this is different for everyone. This means on edibles you and your partner may end up high at various times.

Pot can make you feel closer to your partner

A 2015 study found that the release of oxytocin could help you become closer to others. It is referred to as the “bonding hormone.” The use of marijuana has been linked to the release of oxytocin. Orgasms apparently also release oxytocin so the combination of sex and cannabis may lead to some intimate cuddling.

Mary Millus/Green Rush Daily

The Final Hit

Even though many users report enhanced sexual experiences on cannabis, this does not apply to all. Many people surveyed on marijuana’s effect on their sex lives found the plant to change nothing for them. For a significant portion of people, though, combining sex and cannabis can lead to more pleasure before and after sex.

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