How To Make Your Own CBD Topicals

If you’re looking for a great way to enjoy weed without smoking, vaping, or eating it, consider trying CBD topicals. Cannabis-based creams like CBD topicals are powerful and all-natural painkillers. CBD — short for cannabidiol — is one of the most important cannabinoids found in cannabis, the other being THC. Both affect the body’s natural endocannabinoid system.

THC is the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. It is what gets you high. CBD, on the other hand, is not psychoactive. It is responsible for many of the plant’s medicinal qualities.

Among other uses, CBD can help reduce pain and inflammation. Fortunately, you can make CBD cream at home. You won’t get “high” off of CBD topicals, but they will help your muscles and body relax. CBD topicals can also help with nausea, anxiety, headaches, pelvic pain, and much more.

When you apply a CBD topical directly to your skin, it absorbs right away and targets painful and inflamed areas. Here’s how you can concoct some powerful CBD topicals yourself.

What You’ll Need To Make CBD Topicals

To make CBD topicals, you’ll need the following items:

Cannabis – Whether you use the trim and stems from a cannabis plant or cannabis flowers, this, of course, is the essential ingredient. As for the amount, we recommend 10 ounces of trim and stems or 15-30 grams of dried cannabis bud.

Pick your favorite strain or mix and match. But since you’re looking specifically for CBD topicals, go with strains that are the highest in CBD.

Coconut Oil or African Shea Butter – To turn that CBD-rich cannabis soft as butter, you will need about 16 ounces of coconut oil. You can also use any other oil that is rich and heavy in texture. In particular, African Shea butter is another excellent choice. It’s amazing for your skin, and we recommend it.

Beeswax If you want to give your CBD topicals an extra soft and smooth texture, add a few ounces of beeswax to your cream.

Fun fact: You can also use beeswax to make cannabis lip balm.

Essential Oils – This ingredient is totally optional, but it will make your cream smell amazing. Choose from any essential oil, like lavender, eucalyptus, and cedar leaf, and add 1 to 2 tablespoons. It’s powerful stuff.

Many essential oils have their own medicinal qualities. Adding them to your CBD-rich mixture can give your CBD topicals even greater health benefits.

Crockpot or slow cooker – This is where the magic happens. You need to simmer your oils and cannabis at low temperature for a long period to ensure that the most important cannabinoids get pulled out of the plant matter and into the oil.

Cheesecloth – Later on in the process, you will need a cheesecloth to squeeze out all the plant matter, leaving behind a smooth and soothing, CBD-rich base for your cream.

Grinder – Before using your cannabis material, you need to grind it up. Go with a proven weed grinder for best results.

Vitamin E Oil – We recommend adding one or two tablespoons.

Storage Containers – You’ll use them to store the rest of your CBD cream.

The Process: Homemade CBD Topicals

Step 1: Add your coconut oil or African shea butter to your slow cooker. Start on a low heat, and increase the temperature just a bit for it to melt.

Step 2: Use your grinder to crush up your cannabis. Sprinkle the ground-up cannabis into the slow cooker. Let the mix sit and simmer on low heat for up to 12 hours. This is when the cannabinoids bind to the fat of the oil or butter, and it’s a process of trial and error.

Note: Never leave the cooker unattended or the stove on while you’re away or asleep.

Step 3: When it’s ready, your mixture should be brown-green in color. Strain your mixture through the cheesecloth, doing your best to get all of the cannabis material out and separated from the liquid.

Step 4: Meanwhile, melt your beeswax in a cooking pot on low heat. Once it is melted, pour in the cannabis-infused mixture from the slow cooker.

Step 5: Now you’ll need to test the consistency. Let the mixture cool. You might need to add more beeswax or Shea butter to thicken the mixture. Add enough of your oil or cream substances to get the mixture to the consistency you like best.

Step 6: Get creative. Mix in the vitamin E oil and essential oils as you like. Add the mixture to your container and let cool completely before using and enjoying.

Step 7: Share this recipe with all of your friends.

Step 8: Enjoy. CBD topicals are some of the best ways to consume cannabis without smoking it.

And remember: practice makes perfect. If you don’t get this right the first time, try this recipe again until your CBD topicals come out just the way you like them.

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