Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program Attracts Over 100 Doctors

The Pennsylvania medical marijuana program attracts over 100 doctors within ten days. That has to be a good sign for the state.

The soon-to-begin Pennsylvania medical marijuana program attracts over 100 doctors eager to partake. Just ten days after the online registry launched, over 100 Pennsylvania physicians have taken the first step to becoming licensed cannabis doctors.

Training has begun

After completing the online registration, which launched July 26th, interested doctors must successfully complete four hours of training. After that, they’ll be one step closer to approval. The other steps that the doctors must take are straightforward. They need to demonstrate that they are capable of treating serious illnesses. And they must have a squeaky-clean record. Specifically, they must have a valid and unchallenged medical license.

Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program

A medical marijuana program has been in the works in Pennsylvania for about a year now. In 2016, the state’s Senate and House voted in favor of a medical cannabis program. The bill was immediately and enthusiastically signed by Governor Tom Wolf, who is a major proponent of medical cannabis.

Pennsylvania is the 24th state in the country to have a medical cannabis program. While still in its infancy, the program has a total of seventeen qualifying conditions that would allow a patient access to legal weed. The qualifying conditions include epilepsy, glaucoma, and HIV/AIDS.

The program will also allow minors to be prescribed cannabis. Although, the Department of Education does not permit them to take their medicine to school with them. Instead, their parent or caretaker may administer it on school grounds. In turn, the school is responsible for providing a secure and private location for them.

Final Hit: Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program Attracts Over 100 Doctors

The program has barely even begun. But the fact that the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program attracts over 100 doctors already is a good sign. According to sources, the medical cannabis program will be in full swing sometime next year.

Until then, we can expect more and more doctors to start the authorization process. Pro-cannabis physicians aren’t rare anymore. With the emergence of scientific evidence of how the plant benefits humans, an increasingly large number of doctors are willing to recommend cannabis use to their patients. We see proof of this in the other states’ successful medical cannabis programs.

With this new development, Pennsylvania is about to join those ranks.

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