4 Reasons Israel Is The Leader In Cannabis Research and Development

Israel is a mere fraction of the size of the United States of America, yet they are the world leader in marijuana research and development.

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Over the weekend, Israeli officials announced their plans to begin exporting marijuana around the world. As investment in the drug keeps growing, this is no doubt a big deal. If you’re in one of the 28 states where medical marijuana is now legal (or the 9 where recreational marijuana is permitted), you may soon be smoking weed from Israel.

Israel is a mere fraction of the size of America, yet they have seen a significant investment in marijuana research. The drug isn’t full decriminalized, but it is legal for about 23,000 registered Israeli users to use. And the weed world now looks to Israel as a capital of marijuana research and, more broadly, a vision a marijuana’s globalist future.

But this begs the question, “why is Israel so far ahead of larger nations?” The answer, it turns out, is that they are more progressive historically with regards to marijuana. And that progressive attitude comes from several places.

1. Dr. Raphael Mechoulam Discovered THC and CBD in Israel

Israeli scientist Dr. Raphael Mechoulam studied the chemical components of hashish in 1964. In his research, he found the two active ingredients in marijuana – THC, and CBD – more commonly known as the parts that get you high. This is a big deal. Perhaps day zero in the modern study of cannabinoids.

What’s more, Mechoulam has been studying the drug for over fifty years. And his research has begotten more research. And this research is looking to trace how marijuana affects a whole slew of diseases, illnesses, and conditions.

2. America Made Studying Marijuana Extremely Difficult

It’s no secret marijuana was taboo for decades, if not centuries. There was clear collusion and conspiracy by other interests to keep mainstream America away from the drug for so long. That means it was very difficult to study the drug in America because it was a class I narcotic for so long.

Our Draconian laws – as well as other nations’ – created this vacuum that other countries used to their advantage.

3. It’s the Economy, Stupid

Israeli scientists and politicians realized much sooner than, say, Americans that this is a huge business. Marijuana decriminalization and legalization are not going to be trending in the other direction for a long time, if ever. State and city governments who have decriminalized weed throughout America are proving overwhelmingly successful as case studies. And legal marijuana equals, of course, more taxable revenue.

And whoever controls the production, research and distribution of marijuana stand to be very rich, indeed. Israeli agriculture officials are granting more growing licenses. They are trying to export specific strains to treat specific ailments. And demand seems to be as high as ever.

Weed Tech companies – hoping to capitalize on all this cutting-edge research – have opened up shop in Israel. And they’re not just going after growing the best flowers. They’re developing vaporizers, tablets, and other forms of THC consumption.

4. Marijuana Fits In Better With Israeli Culture

Like I said up top, America is a Puritanical country, historically. We all learn this in grade school. Israel, on the other hand, is decidedly not. Helping treat illness with marijuana fits into the Jewish mission of “healing the world” and does not conflict with any of their spiritual. There was never a large scale war on marijuana that the marijuana industry had to combat for decades. Instead, Israel appears much more mellow.

In America, we’re still fighting stigmas from our grandparents’ era.

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