10 Best Accessories for Smoking Weed

These are the best accessories for smoking weed. These products will make your smoking experience even better.

If you’re a daily consumer of weed, there are a lot of accessories that can make your life easier. In fact, with the right equipment, your smoke session will take less time and effort, which means you can enjoy it even more. Here are the best accessories for smoking weed on the regular.

10. Plazmatic X Lighter

Lighters are a must-have in every weed smoker’s tool kit. And if you have to carry one around, it may as well be a dope one. The Plazmatic X lighter isn’t just for looks though.

The Price


The Good

One of our favorite features is that it charges via USB and requires no butane. Instead of using a flame, this lighter shoots two lasers that cross forming an X. Fortunately, the lasers are wind-proof, so you can spark that blunt up outdoors with ease.

The Bad

It’s a bit more difficult when you are using it to light bowls or bongs.


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