10 Best Nails For Cannabis Concentrates

Whether you're looking for Quartz, Titanium, or Ceramic. The best nails for cannabis concentrates can be found on this list.

9. Omni Nail (Titanium/Quartz)

The Omni Nail by Santa Cruz Shredder is the best nail for cannabis concentrates when it comes to high-grade titanium.

The Price

Starting at $119.95.

The Good

The Omni nail is a titanium nail designed to take bigger size dabs. Unlike other titanium nails you don’t need to avoid dropping your dabs in the center. The carb cap lets you do lower temperature dabs as well. The company has hybrid quartz and full quartz nails now so you can better savor the flavor of your dabs.

The Bad

Unless you take it apart and clean the inside after every use you’re going to get a build up. As a result, the leftovers will combust every time you reheat your nail.

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