10 Best Nails For Cannabis Concentrates

Whether you're looking for Quartz, Titanium, or Ceramic. The best nails for cannabis concentrates can be found on this list.

Getting into cannabis concentrates for the first time can be overwhelming. You need a dab rig, torch, and nail. With so many different kinds on the market, which are the best nails for concentrates? Do you prefer low-temperature dabs or high-temperature dabs? Go with quartz for more flavorful low temp dabs. Ceramic and titanium work better for higher temps. We put together a list of the top nails for dabbing. Whatever your style is, these companies make the best nails for cannabis concentrates on the market today.

10. Hive (Ceramic)

Hive has been the leading name in ceramic nails for cannabis concentrates for quite some time. They have ceramic domeless nails, bangers, swings, and even e-nail compatible designs.

The Price

Starting at $40.00.

The Good

Ceramic will survive a fall better than glass will. If you want something more durable that will preserve flavor Hive ceramics are the best in the game. They have ceramic versions of the Mothership Honeybucket and the Quave Club Banger, two of the best nails on our list.

The Bad

Takes longer to heat than titanium and quartz. Holds heat for a long time so you unless you wait a while it will be a high-temperature dab.


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