The Best Vaporizers of All Time

So you’re considering purchasing a vaporizer, and maybe you’re drowning in analysis paralysis. But fear not; here are the best vaporizers of all time.

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So you’re considering purchasing a vaporizer, and maybe you’re drowning in analysis paralysis. (You know, the phenomenon where too much choice overwhelms your brain and causes it to short circuit?) There are so many different categories, price points, and styles of vapes in the market today that it’s easy to get real lost fast. But fear not; we know what the best vaporizers of all time are and what makes a vape great.

The simplest advice we could give is to be less focused on the look and more focused on the reviews and internal specs. And the jury will likely be out on if vaping is safer (and if so, how much so) for a while too, as the scientific community dukes it out trying to reach some consensus. But we do know that vaping, in general, is a more efficient form of THC delivery.

Though we’re not sure about their long-term health effects, it’s clear that vaporizers provide a different experience than inhaling smoke. Vaporizers have been around since the tail end of the ‘80s and have since become part of the smoker’s arsenal. In the past three decades, the market has exploded from a few players to being inundated with companies, styles, and options.

Vaporizer pens are ideal for wax and oil concentrates. Portable vaporizers are perfect for vaporizing dry herb. Desktop vaporizers are perfect if you don’t need or want something portable or have the luxury of lugging a big machine around. These are for the true professionals/the serious heads out there. And, lastly, E-cig vapes are cheap and good for vape juicing (no oils). Hey, at least they’re convenient for travel.

Of course, a lot of the nuance between categories and brands can be attributed to personal preference. But here are some of the best, most reliable vaporizers from classics to recently released in the portable and desktop categories.

The Best Portable Vaporizers Of All Time


The PAX 3 is a conduction style vape that gets hot in about 20 seconds. Released towards the end of 2016, it is an elegant portable that excels at vapor production. This model will run you $275 and uses both dry herb or concentrates. For the serious vaper who craves versatility and values modern design.

V2Pro Series 3

v2Pro is a powerful, portable vaporizer that can vaporize any kind of vaporizable material like dry herbs, oils, and waxes. To vaporize multiple types of materials, you’ll need to purchase extra specialized accessories and cartridges. Otherwise, the Series 3 is durable, simple to use, and touts a long-lasting battery life. It’s probably the most versatile on this list. See also: V2Pro Series 7.

The Mighty

The Mighty is also produced by German company Storz and Bickel, the manufacturer of the Volcano series. So you know you’re in good hands. The Mighty is an incredibly powerful portable vape, but it will set you back $399. That said, it’s worth the price. It boasts a very long battery life, precisely tuned temperature controls, and an overall sense of reliability. See also: Crafty.

CF Vaporizer

The Boundless CF Vaporizer is an amazing little portable that heats up in under 20 seconds and will only set you back $129. It’s simple to use and offers several temperature settings. Ideal if you’re a novice or moderate vaper.


The DipStick (~$200) is an excellent choice for those sick of dealing with the endless sticky mess of handling wax concentrates. You stick the atomizer directly into your shatter, wax, or crumble and thus eliminate a messy middle step. It also features something called “inverted inhaling” where you inhale through a nozzle above the atomizer. The net result is a cool, smoother dab inhale. If you are either messy or anal, you might want to check this one out.

The Best Desktop Vaporizers Of All Time

The Volcano

Since hitting the market in 2000, the Volcano has long been considered one of the most reliable desktop vaporizers. It only delivers vapor via a bag, and it is the best bag vape on the market. Its bag is simple and easy to clean and maintain. The Volcano comes in several models, the Volcano Classic and the Volcano Digital, which is more costly but easier to use. But a Volcano will set you back at least $300 if not much more.

Vapor Brothers Standard Desktop Whip-Style

This if for the older heads out there. It’s like the Technics 1200s of vaping. The whip style feels a bit weird the first time, but this desktop vaporizer is clean and classic. And you can’t beat the price at around $180 for an instrument that will last you at least a decade.

The Herbalizer

The Herbalizer was designed by ex-Nasa engineers to take on the Volcano as the industry standard. It’s a “dual-function aromatherapy/vapor therapy device” that is for those that have $599 to burn. But with that high price tag comes versatility. You can use either balloon, whip or the vapor therapy option, which emits vapor into the room you’re in. It’s not perfect, but if you fancy yourself a pro vaper, this one’s for you..

Arizer Extreme Q

The Extreme Q offers a more affordable price point for a desktop vaporizer than, say, the Volcano. You can get one for $239. It comes with two balloons and two different length whips. It’s relatively quiet, and the newer model is more efficient. This is probably the best value desktop vaporizer we’ve ever seen, so deal hounds, this one’s for you.

DaBudda Vaporizer

DaBudda is a no-frills desktop that is both affordable (~$190), and values function over form. What it lacks in options, digital gadgetry, and sleek design, it makes up for in stability, which is why we think it is one of the greatest vaporizers of all time. One of these should last you a decade, easy. For the practical vaper who doesn’t need versatility.

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