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Fastest Ways To Get High With Weed

Fastest Ways To Get High With Weed


Fastest Ways To Get High With Weed

The fastest ways to get high with weed give you more time to enjoy your high with less effort trying to get there.

Whether you’re a medical patient seeking immediate relief or simply impatient, there are several ways to get high in no time. The active ingredient in weed that makes people feel high is THC. Increasing the amount of THC you get in a short amount of time is the main key to achieving hastier highs. We’ll show you how to get high faster with every type of consumption method.


10 Best Dab Rigs Of 2017
Photo Courtesy of Beta Glass Labs

When it comes to smoking weed through a pipe, certain pieces will get you higher quicker than others. For example, one-hitters are better for taking things slow and microdosing. Ditch the one-hitter for something that won’t limit the amount of smoke you can take per puff.

Larger pipes or bowls with a carburetor allow for more smoke to be held in the glass instead of your lungs. As a result, you can build up more smoke before feeling the need to cough. Once you lift your finger off of the carb all of that smoke will go into your lungs all at once.

Most seasoned cannabis consumers will tell you the fastest way to get high using glass is with a bong. A bong has a removable bowl attached to a down stem submerged in water. The water makes hits less harsh, allowing you to milk the bong for longer than you could with a bowl.

If the typical bong experience isn’t fast enough for you, a gravity bong is one of the quickest ways to feel the effects of your weed. You can make a gravity bong with a few household materials. There is more than one way to make them but a gravity bong is essentially a large vessel that fill with smoke without the need to inhale. Once it is fully milked, the cap is removed and all of the smoke is quickly inhaled.

The absolute fastest way to get high with weed is by adding a nail or quartz banger to your bong and using cannabis concentrates in place of regular weed.


10 Best Rolling Papers Of 2017

Getting high faster with papers is as simple as rolling a proper joint or finding ways to sneak more THC into the equation. Rolling a joint too tight can interfere with airflow. If you’re barely letting out any smoke from each pull, there is an airflow problem with your joint and it will take much longer to get high. In fact, most of your weed will go up in smoke without ever being inhaled. Properly rolled joints will provide plenty of smoke per inhale and lead to quicker medication.

If you have any kief saved up in your grinder, use it to experience one of the fastest ways to get high with weed. Depending on what else you have access to, you can feel the effects of your weed in as quick as one big puff.

Twaxing a blunt or joint is a great way to feel the effects sooner while helping the paper burn slower. To twax your papers you can either add concentrates to the inside mixed in with weed or coat the outside with oil. The fastest way to get high with papers is to dip the joint in oil and then roll it in kief. If you don’t have kief and concentrates, source the high-potency cannabis and pack your papers with more of it to speed up the onset of effects.


10 Best Edibles Of 2017

There are ways to decrease the amount of time it takes to get high without a pipe or papers as well. If you’re looking for one of the fastest ways to get high, edibles aren’t the best option. However, some people dislike smoke or can’t inhale cannabis for medical reasons. Fortunately, certain products in the edibles section of your dispensary will hit you sooner than others.

Regular edibles like brownies take effect at various times depending on your metabolism and tolerance. A slow metabolism means it can take up to two hours to feel the effects of an edible. You’re better off with a cannabis-infused drinks or cannabis tinctures if you’re not down to wait. Cannabis tinctures will work fastest when ingested sublingually. Similarly, cannabis-infused beverages are partially absorbed sublingually with less effort needed from your metabolism. The effects will come on sooner but they won’t last for as long as a traditional edible would.


10 Best Vape Pens Of 2017
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The fastest way to get high with a dry herb vaporizer is to turn the heat up enough for more vapor to be released in a shorter time frame. You can also add kief or hash oil to the weed in the vaporizer to speed things up.

THC cartridges are convenient enough to be puffed on all day. Eventually, you’ll start to build a tolerance and it will take several hits before you feel the effects you desire. THC cartridges with round mouthpieces can easily fit into the joint of a blunt bubbler or even a 10-millimeter bong joint. Place the mouthpiece into the joint, start heating the vaporizer and begin inhaling slowly. If vapor is building fast, speed up your rate of inhalation. If there’s barely any visible vapor you may need to allow the cartridge to heat more or a better seal.


How To Clean A Grinder
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If you’re inhaling dry herbs through a pipe, papers or vaporizer, a grinder can help to feel the effects sooner. An even consistency makes it easier to burn quickly. Don’t believe us? Take a huge nug and stuff it in a bowl without breaking it down. It might take a few minutes just to get it to stay lit. Once you’re tired of that, grind a similarly sized nug down and pack a bowl with it. You’ll get smoke the second the flame sinks into the bowl and feel the effects shortly after the exhale.

A medium-coarse grind is ideal for rolling blunts and packing bowls. Grinding it too small will allow flakes to fall through the bowl or fly through the filter into your mouth. Finer grinds are ideal for vaporization. Your device will produce the most vapor with dry herbs with the consistency of sand.

Anyone with an endocannabinoid imbalance will want to feel the effects of cannabis sooner than later. Getting high isn’t always a race but people suffering from pain definitely welcome detours. Use the most potent weed you come across or any of the tips above to spend more time high and less work trying to get there.

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