10 Non-Weed Industries That Benefit From Legalization

Non-Weed Industries Making Bank off Cannabis

A country-wide legalization of weed is starting to become more of a reality in America, and for good reason. The marijuana industry is proving to be highly lucrative, but it isn’t the only business that benefits from its legalization. There are several non-weed industries that have, and will continue to reap the rewards from the legal cannabis.

Let’s take a further look into which non-weed industries can take advantage of the cannabis boom in the U.S.


The most obvious business to benefit from the legal weed is the pharmaceutical industry. The medical marijuana business has been around for years, and it’s only going to continue to grow. There is little doubt about cannabis’ usefulness in the medical field. After extensive research, it is now viewed as a socially-acceptable treatment for a variety of illnesses and mental disorders.

But not every major pharmaceutical company is willing to accept cannabis, however.  Since it is still not totally legal, most companies have stayed away from it. Although that should change soon enough. Smaller companies like G.W. Pharmaceuticals and Medical Marijuana Inc. are embracing cannabis for its medicinal purposes, and it’s not long before other companies follow suit.

Although President Trump has said he plans on cracking down on marijuana, it’s unlikely he can undo the advancements that we’ve seen in medicinal cannabis. The public is already quite aware of medicinal benefits of cannabis. And with the opioid addiction starting to become a national epidemic, cannabis is clearly the safer option to prescription pain-killers.

As we continue to learn more about its magical healing powers, it’s only a matter of time before it’s legal everywhere. And pharmaceutical is one of the non-weed industries that should be happy about that.


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