Try Markle Sparkle Exclusively At the NorCal Cannabis Cup

Meghan Markle's weed-growing nephew is debuting his new stain, Markle Sparkle, at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Tyler Dooley

High Times is hosting one of the first recreational cannabis events with a recreational smoking license.  The Northern California Cannabis Cup will debut the newest, best and strongest marijuana out there. One of the event’s shining stars will be Royally Grown, the grow op behind the Markle Sparkle, named for Prince Harry’s new bride, Meghan Markle. And Tyler Dooley, her nephew, will be there to introduce attendees to the Markle Sparkle for the first time ever.

Tyler Dooley, Meghan Markle’s Weed Farming Nephew

Tyler Dooley

In case you were too blazed to remember, actress Meghan Markle just married Prince Harry. Back in America, her 25-year-old nephew Tyler Dooley, born Tyler Markle, owns an Oregon-based legal marijuana grow.

Though the West Coast ganja farming side of Meghan Markle’s family is not especially close to the princess, business is booming for Tyler Dooley. Even before Before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot, Dooley was working on a strain in their honor. “It was just kind of a tribute to our family,” he explained to High Times.

Markle Sparkle: Here’s What We Know

Tyler Dooley

Markle Sparkle is a Sativa dominant hybrid. It’s a cross between Blue City Diesel, Blueberry Northern Lights and OG Kush.

“Mainly, there’s a blueberry flavored terpene. It’s very light,” Dooley told us. “We tried to make a blueberry OG. We’re trying t make it as ‘berry’ as possible but still have that potency and still have some that that Diesel, OG smell.”

Furthermore, all of Dooley’s products are completely organic. Royally Grown’s clothing line is made from hemp, and all their weed is grown with Oregon soil from Daley Organics. “That’s what gives you the big 15-20 ft tall monsters that we get in Oregon,” Dooley added. “It all comes down to the soil first.”

You Can Only Try Markle Sparkle at the NorCal Cannabis Cup

Cannabis Reports/Flickr

Dooley has big plans for the Markle Sparkle, starting with the High Times NorCal Cannabis Cup. Until the strain’s full roll out later this year, Royally Grown’s booth will be the only place you can try the world-famous strain.

This all started at the 4/20 SoCal Cannabis Cup. There, Tyler Dooley starred in Meet the Markles, a documentary about Meghan Markle’s family, and promoted his brand. “I was at the San Bernadino one filming for a documentary and I loved the vibe so much,” he said. “Everybody was so great, so I’m pretty excited to go back and see everybody again.”

The NorCal Cannabis Cup will also be a licensed recreational smoking event. This means that you can try Markle Sparkle right then and there.

Normalizing the Cannabis Industry, One Princess at a Time

Mark Jones/Wikimedia Commons

Though Dooley has been working in the marijuana industry for years, his aunt’s nuptials gave him the perfect platform. “Millions and millions of people saw what I was doing and it just brought that positive attention to the cannabis industry,” he told us.

One day, he hopes that the UK will follow in Oregon’s footsteps and legalize weed. And with his royal connections, Tyler Dooley wonders if the Royals will ask for his advice. “At some point, they’re going to have to realize the benefits of marijuana,” he explained. “And when that time comes I’d be the perfect person to talk to about it.”

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