Need A Spark Of Creativity? Try One Of These Inspiring Strains

2. AK-47

Users describe AK-47 as euphoric. Something that makes you happy, relaxed and motivated. Sounds like the perfect recipe for creativity! Unlike its intense name, AK-47 actually leaves you feeling mellow and real chill. Again, this is a sativa-dominant strain.

Its effects are long-lasting and steady. So the cerebral buzz will keep you alert and engaged throughout your creative endeavors. AK-47 is a mix of Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Afgani varieties of cannabis. It smells sour, even pungent and very earthy. However, the taste is sweet and floral.

Its extremely high THC content has won AK-47 many Cannabis Cup awards. Also, it is a home-growers favorite. It’s easy to grow and it’s favorable to have an indoor environment with soil or hydroponic setups.

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