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These Artists Love Smoking Weed

These Artists Love Smoking Weed


These Artists Love Smoking Weed

If you’ve ever walked through a museum, I can almost guarantee you seriously questioned some of the artists work there. Whether it be from one of the impressionist masters or a more modern abstract advocate, art has endless potential. Here are some artists, both visual and vocal, who used bud to influence their work.

5. Pablo Picasso

These Artists Love Smoking Weed

Okay so this one has no direct proof, only theorizations. One can look at the work of Picasso and feel that it’s obvious, but it’s not always so clear cut. Artists like Salvador Dalí and Andy Warhol seem like even better candidates, but both made public statements claiming that they did not. However, Dalí did say he tried it once and thought it was wonderful, but later claimed that “I do not do drugs. I am drugs”.

Many art researchers and artists alike have theorized in the past that Picasso’s cubist style was actually directly influenced by the skewed perceptions caused by cannabis highs, but there’s no sure proof of this. Either way, whatever Picasso’s influences were, we need to figure out the secret!

4. Oliver Stone

These Artists Love Smoking Weed

Director Oliver Stone has created so many masterpieces during the course of his career. Some of his films have had trippy scenes, others actually included weed in them. But who would have thought the director himself had smoked it?

Now it wasn’t proven that Stone smoked in order to influence his directing or his ideas, but he did admit to smoking. As quoted from Stone, “I went to Vietnam, and I was there for a long time,” he explained. “ made the difference between saying human or, as Michael Douglas said, becoming a beast. I’m telling you, it’s rough and a lot of people in that platoon used it, not on the front line but in the back, to stay in touch with themselves. So, I look at that time in my life as really much of a life-saver.”

Weed may not have influenced during the time he was making movies, but it did save him from becoming someone that may have been unable to create such beauty in film later in life.

3. Pierre Schmidt, a.k.a. drømsjel

These Artists Love Smoking Weed

Pierre Schmidt’s work is amazing, and very trippy. His surrealist works are often times very disturbing, but undeniably intriguing. He credits all of his inspirations to smoking weed, and the visualizations he gets from it.

Many experienced smokers love to see work like this because so often it is impossible to describe some of the euphoric visions and thoughts had while under the influence. Artists who are able to perceive this and create works of art hold a special place in the discipline, doing something that many people and artists alike are unable to do. You can view his official online gallery here.

2. Fernando de la Rocque

These Artists Love Smoking Weed

De la Rocque is a Brazilian artist who not only uses weed as an influence, but also as a medium. His work typically represents anti-political sentiments, and his process is very unique.

This artist creates stencils of government / political figures and proceeds to use exhaled cannabis smoke to imprint the page with the image. Here is a video showing his extremely unique process.

1. William Shakespeare

These Artists Love Smoking Weed

You read correctly, we have reason to believe that Shakespeare smoked pot. When researchers searched through Shakespeare’s home in Stratford-Upon-Avon, they found clay pipes with traces of weed residue on them.

Not only were they found on his property, but the pipes were made in the 17th century, during his lifetime. A very interesting thought, that those famous works of literature and theatre were possibly written under the influence of hash!

Often times it is difficult to create lists like this, because proof is hard to come by when asking questions like ‘did they smoke pot?’. Many people throw artists like Dalí, Warhol, Pollock, Van Gogh, Duchamp and others into the grouping of artist potheads. However, weed was not as popular when these artists were creating work, and often times drugs like opium and absinthe were preferred methods of influence for artists if anything at all.

All varieties of artists in this world have influences. This intriguing list is unique because influence from cannabis is different with everyone. Those who are able to recreate visions and thoughts create amazing works of art that are truly one of a kind.

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