8 Things Weed Smokers Need To Stop Doing Now

Weed is a wonderful thing. And there is nothing wrong with being proud of smoking it on the daily and enjoying its many benefits. But, let’s be real, there are a few things we smokers do that we really should stop doing. Mooching, using being stoned as an excuse to be a downer, pressuring friends to smoke. Things like these are all habits we can definitely nix.

8. Mooching

We know that good friends share good weed. It’s common courtesy to puff and pass in a smoke circle. It’s also nice not to be stingy when someone really needs some bud and you have extra.

But there’s also a limit to sharing. Moochers know what I mean here, and they need to stop doing it. If you’re only showing up to your friend’s house to ask for free weed, never sharing yourself, and always getting in most of the hits during a group smoke session…well, you may just be a moocher.

And it’s rude. Don’t take advantage of your fellow cannabis lover.


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