10 Best Songs To Listen To While High

What are you supposed to do during a smoke sesh? Sit there in silence, just listening to your paper burn? No. These songs are guaranteed to up the ambiance.

Music is one of the things that becomes even better when you’re high. Lyrics hit harder, beats drop lower, and the vibe is amazing. There is nothing greater than a few friends, a few joints, and a banging playlist. After all, what else are you going to do? Sit in silence, just listening to your paper burn? No. This list includes the 10 best songs to listen to the next time you’re high. Whether you’re smoking by yourself and feeling insightful, or you’re partying with your crew, this list of perfect smoking songs has your back.

10. “Three Little Birds” – Bob Marley

You knew this one was going to show up on this list. We’ll start things off with one of the most classic weed songs of all time. Not only is it yet another killer vibe from the high priest of cannabis himself, Bob Marley, it’s also about the act of smoking weed. Rumor is that when the reggae legend pulled seeds out of his bud and tossed them outside his home, birds showed up to snack on them. Inspiration struck, and he wrote a song about it. Clearly, one of the best songs to listen to when you’re high.

9. “Waves” – Mr. Probz

This song is slow and instantly introduces a smooth vibe perfect for your next smoke circle. The vocals are on point, the instruments are beautiful, and the vibe is great. “Waves” is great when you’re on that second joint and sipping a glass of wine. It definitely increase relaxation and is an excellent nightcap. The remixes are great as well, if you’re into a faster beat but love the song, try the Robin Shultz Remix Radio Edit.

8. “Wilderness” – Explosions In The Sky

This one’s an all-instrumental piece and it’s the perfect song to listen to during your next sesh. It’s a blast to listen to this song when you’re high. Try to locate the most hidden instrument being played. The song is filled with different sounds and a great vibe, plus at almost five minutes long, it lasts long enough for the toke to make it back to you.

7. “High for Hours” – J. Cole

The rapper who doesn’t smoke goes in on bars in this song. It illuminates social issues as so many on J. Cole’s songs do. “High for Hours” is one of the best songs to listen to when you want to think long and deep about something. J’s soothing tone and the smooth beat will have you nodding your head and saying “daaaaammmnnn call them out, Cole.” Ending with an uplifting message and change-inspiring lyrics, this song will make your high even better and more thoughtful.

6. “Let’s Go” – Khalid

This one is perfect for some head-bobbing and dancing. The beat increases energy and the vocals are stellar. Khalid really utilizes his sultry voice to create the perfect song to listen to when you’re puffing some green.

5. “Marijuana” – Zebra Katz & Kashaka

If you’re familiar with Broad City, this song will make you laugh. If you don’t, what is wrong with you? Also, watch that show. It’ll also have you rolling on the floor laughing. Play this song while you’re working out and you’ll forget you are even struggling. With lots of beat changes it’s definitely one of the best songs to listen to if you want to bring a little energy to your high.

4. “Lost In The World” – Kanye (Feat. Bon Iver)

This unexpected pairing produced a bomb song to get high to. Bon Iver’s vocals and Kanye’s bars make the perfect song for getting cross-faded. It’s also a song you don’t really need to focus on, you can just vibe to it and float away. What more can you ask for when you’re looking for new smoking songs? The beat is also quick and will keep you up and hyper.

3. “Bad Blood” – Taylor Swift (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Another song to get you hype. Yes, it’s not usually on a stoner’s playlist but Kendrick spits and Taylor has great vocals in this song. It’ll make you want to dance, which not many smoking songs can do to people stuck on the couch off an xl blunt.

2. “Wicked Games” – The Weeknd

What’s better than weed and music? Weed, music, and sex. The Weeknd will get you in the mood with this song to puff, puff, pass right before jumping into bed with your smoking buddy or whatever your… preferred label is. Honestly, sometimes you need some motivation after toking up and “Wicked Games” will give you that.

1. “Bowl For Two” – The Expendables

Speaking of your smoking buddy, The Expendables’ “Bowl For Two” is number one on our list of smoking songs is. Thins one’s an oldie but goodie. It has a great, semi-reggae vibe, and it’s the perfect tune to start off your smoke sesh. Get the mood right with “Bowl For Two.”

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