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Redman’s Mom Found His 20-Year-Old Weed Stash

Redman's Mom Found His 20-Year-Old Weed Stash


Redman’s Mom Found His 20-Year-Old Weed Stash

“This bag has history.”

Twenty years ago, Reginald Noble, better known as the rapper Redman, a.k.a Doc, a.k.a Funk Doctor Spock, was putting out platinum records and hitting #11 on The Billboard 200. He was collaborating with Def Squad members Method Man and Erick Sermon to release an album that should have been called “Amerika’s Most Blunted” but came out as the more sales-friendly Blackout! And apparently, he was also hiding his weed really, really well. Because Redman’s mom found his 20-year-old weed stash just this past weekend.

Redman’s Mom Discovers His 20-Year-Old Stash of Dime Bags

In a video posted to Twitter on Saturday, Redman reveals a 20-year-old stash of dime bags his mom recently uncovered. At the start, Redman asks his mom to dump the dime bags onto a white sheet of paper, and a couple of objects make it into the mix that hint at where he may have stashed them. First, we see a bundle of cotton balls. Next, a bobby pin. Your guess is as good as any.

There are more than a half dozen little bags. Each of them is yellowed from the years. The bud is brown and yellow, dark and probably moldy. Simply put, no one would be in a hurry to blaze with it. But Redman’s mom is more worried about getting in trouble for it, telling her son, “Don’t put my name in it period!”

In the next shot, though, mom suggests selling it on eBay. “You’re gonna say not to say you’re name and then say we’re selling it, mom?” Redman jokes back at her. But it’s not a bad idea. Those ancient dime bags are pieces of hip hop history. And the best part of the video is when Redman realizes he and his mom have essentially opened up a weed time capsule.

Redman’s 20-Year-Old Weed Is a Piece of Hip Hop History

One bag, in particular, seems to send Redman into a revery of remembrance. “You know what that bag is right there,” Redman says as he zooms in on the unmistakable triangle shape of an official Branson bag. “This bag has history. This is Biggie Smalls. This is the Lox. This is Cam’ron. This is Lil Cease. This is Noreaga.”

It’s a formidable roster of mid-90s to early-oos hip hop and rap icons. And the triangle dime bag a symbol of “one of the east coast riders of marijuana,” according to Redman. And this 20-year-old weed was there, in the middle of it, before taking a two-decade hiatus stashed in or under something. If anyone is brave enough to puff on Redman’s old weed, who knows what kind of powers it might impart. More than likely, you’d end up with an awful-tasting hit of weed that’s lost all of its potency. But in truth, this botanical archive of American music history should probably be stashed in a museum, like Weedmaps’ upcoming pop-up Museum of Weed.

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