SZA Explains How Weed Brownies Cost Her A Job

Was she set up?

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For even the most seasoned of weed smoking veterans, edibles can, at times, be a lot to handle. Especially when it comes to homemade edibles, which don’t always have a uniform amount of THC infused into them.

And if you’re a true cannabis connoisseur, it’s safe to say you probably have that one story of getting entirely too high because of an unsuspecting batch of edibles. Typically, this occurs when you either A) underestimate the potency of the product or B), simply don’t realize there was any ganja in them in the first place.

Well, luckily, you’re not alone. Superstar R&B artist SZA, whose real name is Solána Imani Rowe, recently took to Twitter to discuss, at length, some of the former jobs she held before making big in the music industry. One of those jobs was in retail—but it didn’t last long.

And she blames (or, at this point, likely thanks) weed brownies for that.

SZA Explains Her Weed Brownie Conspiracy

On Twitter, the artist shared details about the incident. After revealing she worked at a variety of retail stores like Abercrombie, Sephora, True Religion, and H&M, she admitted she was fired from another clothing store, Diesel. Apparently, however, it wasn’t really her fault.

It was the brownies.

SZA says one of her co-workers brought in brownies one day at work. Classic good co-worker stuff. She just thought it was a nice, normal gesture.

Keyword: thought.

Rowe says her co-worker opened the batch of brownies in the break room. Again, no mention of the word ‘weed’.

Of course, like any normal, hangry employee, SZA decided to eat two brownies. Unlike Michael Scott, she did not parcel one up to eat at her own leisure (much healthier that way).

After scarfing down two of the brownies, thirty minutes pass and SZA starts to feel some type of way. And by some type of way, we mean she starts profusely sweating and freaking out. You know, typical strong edible stuff.

Unfortunately, things only continued going south for the singer, as she was visibly messed up from the brownies. She got called into her boss’s office for basically looking like a crackhead, and was fired on the spot.

It’s unclear whether or not her co-workers set Rowe up for failure, but one thing is for certain—her firing was a blessing in disguise. Sure, it was, in all likelihood, one of the most embarrassing moments of her young life, but you know what they say: everything happens for a reason.

There’s no doubt the artist isn’t thanking the baker of those weed brownies each and every day.

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