How to Calculate THC Dosage for Weed-Infused Recipes

When it comes to weed, there are so many options and methods of consumption. If you don’t want to smoke it, you can always vape. If you don’t have access to a vape, you can cook some edibles and eat it! Hey, maybe you just want to bake a batch of brownies and give them to your friends to celebrate graduation. But when you’re cooking with pot, there’s a huge factor to consider: THC dosage. How do you calculate it?


When you’re cooking edibles, knowledge is everything. Before you start, you have to choose your strain wisely. Baking a batch of brownies for a party? It would be advisable to choose a sativa strain so that your guests aren’t couch-locked all night. You also need to know the exact weight of your bud and the THC potency. Most dispensaries will display the level of THC on the label of the container that the marijuana comes in.

Once you have your strain picked out, grab your calculator. It’s time to do some math.


We’re going to be using the metric system while calculating the THC dosage. Don’t be intimidated, fellow Americans. The metric system is super easy to use. For a quick reference, 1/4 oz converts to 7 grams, and 1/8 oz converts to 3.5 grams. One gram is equal to 1,000 milligrams. To help you learn how to calculate THC dosages, we’re going to give you some sample problems.

Sample Problem 1: Cindy goes to the dispensary and purchases 1/4 oz of Alaskan Thunderfuck. How many milligrams did Cindy purchase?

Answer: 7,000 mg

Sample Problem 2: Cindy’s 1/4 oz of Alaskan Thunderfuck has 20% THC. How many milligrams of THC is in her bud?

Answer: 1,400 mg of THC

Still with us? Good! Let’s make this a bit more challenging. Our recipe for cannabis-infused butter calls for 2 cups of butter and 1 oz of pot.

Sample Problem 3: Cindy goes back to the dispensary and buys 1 oz of Alaskan Thunderfuck with 20% THC. How many milligrams of THC does Cindy’s butter contain?

Answer: 5,600 mg of THC

Sample Problem 4: Cindy makes 40 brownies using 1/2 cup of cannabutter. What is the THC dosage in each brownie?

Answer: 35 mg of THC

Bonus: Draw a picture of Cindy before and after eating one of her brownies and post it in the comment section!

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