Inside Miley Cyrus’ Weed Themed Birthday Party, Hosted By Snoop Dogg

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Miley Cyrus just threw a weed-themed birthday party for her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth. It was a “joint” birthday party for Liam, Wayne Coyle of the Flaming Lips, and her sister Noah Cyrus.

She got the pot for the weed bar from Snoop Dogg’s marijuana business “Merry Jane” which launched in 2015.

The company is a weed-friendly lifestyle website, but apparently, they also host weed-themed events.

As a result, Miley took to Instagram to thank “Uncle Snoop” for his innovations in the legal marijuana market.

Not many birthdays have weed bars for their guests, but Snoops company wants to make it the norm. Besides, who better than Snoop to pick the weed for your party?

Party Details

As to be expected from Miley, the party was far from a normal birthday party.

Miley’s “best party ever” was weed-themed with some inspiration from the rap group N.W.A for wardrobe.

Miley and can be seen wearing a black Compton T-shirt and gold chains with a joint in her mouth.

Many of her guests were also seen in all black with Compton T-shirts.

Several guests took photographs by the weed bar. One of the items available for guests were CBD-Infused Margaritas.

Weed seems to be a repeating theme in Miley’s life. In fact, on her 19th birthday her friends presented her with a Bob Marley cake.

“You know you’re a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake, you know you smoke way too much fucking weed!”


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