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Paul Gascoigne Challenges Snoop Dogg to Charity Boxing Match

Paul Gascoigne Challenges Snoop Dogg to Charity Boxing Match


Paul Gascoigne Challenges Snoop Dogg to Charity Boxing Match

Will Snoop accept Gazza’s challenge to fight in a Cannabis vs Booze boxing match for charity?

We all knew it would come to this. The Instagram feud between legendary English footballer Paul Gascoigne and rap icon and cannabis entrepreneur Snoop Dogg has boiled over into a full-fledged fight. And now Snoop is facing a challenge: square off in the ring with Gascoigne—but for a good cause. Gascoigne says he wants to end the feud once and for all. So he’s challenging Snoop to a charity “Cannabis vs Booze” boxing match to see who still has the stuff after all these years. The hilarious beef, which seemed to come out of the blue, is heading toward an exciting finale. Will Snoop accept Gascoigne’s challenge?

Snoop’s Instagram Dis Escalates to Cannabis vs Booze Boxing Match

It all started last Friday, when Snoop posted a picture on Instagram to compare the effects of weed and alcohol. The post shows pictures of both Snoop and Gascoigne, better known as Gazza, when they were 20 years old, next to photos when they’re both 47. In both of Snoop’s photos, he’s looking good, hardly aged at all. But for Gazza, it’s a different story. The young footballer we see in the 20 year old photo looks nothing like the balding, pasty, sallow photo of Gazza at 47 years old. The captions? Above Gazza’s photos, it says “Alcohol Abuse.” Above Snoop’s, “Marijuana Abuse.”

The point of the post, which was seen by Snoop Dogg’s 33.1 million Instagram followers and received almost one million likes, is supposed to show how much worse alcohol is for you than cannabis. It’s not wrong. But if you ask Gascoigne, it’s not called for, either. “For him to do that is really bang out of order and I was upset at the time,” Gazza said.

Naturally, Gazza clapped back, posting a picture of a Chihuahua with braids and a chain that, to be fair, looks as much like Snoop Dogg as any dog probably could. “Morning @SnoopDogg,” the caption reads. “Get your lazy arse out of bed it’s walkies time woof woof you ugly twat LOVE GAZZA xxx.”

Not much later, Gazza was at it again. This time, he posted a video to Twitter wearing fake dreads and pretending to smoke a massive joint. “I’m coming for ya” Gazza taunts as he woofs and laughs in the video.

Who Would Win in A Fight: Snoop or Gazza?

Who knows exactly how Snoop feels about Gazza. But we definitely know that Gazza is a fan of Snoop. “I’m a fan of his as well, I cannot believe it,” Gascoigne said. “I tell you what I’ll do, I’ll do a charity boxing match with him. Cannabis versus booze, bring it on!

Over the weekend, Gazza posted that he had wrapped up a week of charity work in Spain and was enjoying himself when he got word that Snoop had called out his appearance on Instagram. “FFS 4 no reason,” Gazza tweeted.

And with that, it looks like Snoop is going to have to put up or shut up. Fans already excited about the possible bout have already analyzed the two’s stats. With five years, six inches and ten pounds on Gazza, Snoop has the physical advantage. But Gazza has that boozy British fighting prowess—and more experience in the ring.

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