7 Ways To Destroy Your Weed Plants

There are so many ways to destroy your weed plants. Here are some things to avoid when growing cannabis.

Whether on accident or intentionally there are plenty of ways to destroy your weed plants. You probably want to avoid killing plants unless there’s a male you want to prevent from pollinating your females. Pollinated females use their energy to produce feminized seeds rather than buds so you’re better off getting rid of them. We put together a list of the most common ways to destroy your weed plants. Consider this a guide on what not to do when growing cannabis.

Rip It Out

If you have a male in the bunch and you want to get rid of it, ripping it out is one of best ways to destroy your weed plants. Toss it in the trash and try not to touch any female plants immediately after removing males.

Change your clothes and wash up before tending to your females in case any pollen got on you. You can also cut the stem and if it’s an indoor grow, go ahead and take the pot away from the rest of the grow.

Dry It Out

A fast way to kill your weed plants is by not watering them or allowing them to dry out. If your plant doesn’t get any moisture it will turn brown and crispy.

If you want your plant to live long enough to fill a blunt you’ll want to water it regularly.

Over Water

While watering plants is necessary overdoing is another way to kill your weed plants. You’ll know that you over watered them because the plant will become droopy with leaves curling down.

Too much water makes it hard for plants to get oxygen. The leaves will turn yellow and eventually die if the problem isn’t handled.

Ignore Humidity

Ignoring the humidity levels around your plant can lead to a plant with too much moisture or one that’s completely dried out. Controlling humidity levels is how you prevent the death of your entire harvest.

Buy a hygrometer to measure the level of humidity. You can make a humidifier at home or buy one to adjust the level of moisture around your plants.

Keep It In The Dark

If you want to give your plant a shot at growing into a cannabis flower with buds you’ll need to give it light. It won’t die immediately but if you leave a plant in the dark it will stop growing then die. Plants make their own food with sunlight.

Mature cannabis plants take uninterrupted darkness as a sign that the growing season is over. So without light, your weed won’t have the necessary nutrients for growth.

Lack Of Ventilation

A lack of air flow can lead to moldy plants. Without proper air circulation plants can get moist. Some pests are easily knocked off of plants with the use of a fan.

Make sure your grow room is properly ventilated or you can end up with plenty of ways to destroy your weed plants.

Don’t Use Pesticides

The use of pesticides should be kept to a minimum. However, there are natural pesticides that will keep pests off without making your weed more dangerous to smoke.

By using absolutely no pesticide you leave your plants vulnerable to all kinds of pests. Fungus gnats, mealybugs, mites, and scales are all insects that can destroy your crop.

Final Hit: Ways To Destroy Your Weed Plants

Growing isn’t as easy as watering a plant and leaving it to grow. There are so many ways to destroy your weed plants before they’re ready to smoke. Avoid the ways on our list so your hard work doesn’t go to waste. Our favorite way to destroy weed is by burning it. Just make sure you inhale all of the smoke.

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