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Marijuana Found Growing on DFW Airport Property, Two Arrested

Marijuana Found Growing on DFW Airport Property, Two Arrested


Marijuana Found Growing on DFW Airport Property, Two Arrested

DFW doesn’t want people taveling with CBD or growing cannabis on their property.

People trying to grow weed illegally often have to get creative with where they cultivate. Often, growers stick to remote locations that would theoretically be harder to discover. But every once in a while, growers try using land a little closer to mainstream, regular, daily activities.

Apparently, that’s exactly what a couple cannabis growers have been trying in the Dallas, Texas area. But unfortunately for them, it sounds like things did not work out. According to breaking reports, authorities in the area recently discovered an illegal marijuana grow on the grounds of the Dallas Ft. Worth Airport.

Airport Grow Site Discovered

News of the bust surfaced earlier today when local news source WFAA 8 reported that law enforcement found marijuana growing at the Dallas Ft. Worth Airport. Specifically, authorities involved in the case said the plants were growing on what they described as an “undeveloped and remote piece” of the airport’s property.

At this time, details about the incident continue to unfold. So far, it is unclear how many plants were growing at the site. But authorities said they removed all the plants they discovered.

Similarly, it is unclear how the plants were discovered, or how long the plants had been growing at the airport. But authorities have already arrested two people who they believe are responsible for the grow operation. The two people are now reportedly facing second-degree felony charges for possession of marijuana.

Currently, the case is still being investigated. And so far, details about the people arrested have not been made public.

Other Cannabis Controversies at Dallas Ft. Worth Airport

Interestingly, this is not the first time the Dallas Ft. Worth Airport has been involved in a cannabis-related incident. Earlier this year, the airport made headlines when reports showed that people were being detained and in some cases arrested for trying to travel with CBD.

In April, local news source NBC 5 Investigates looked into what was going on at the airport. Investigators found that there was a sharp uptick in the number of times security and law enforcement personnel at the airport chose to confiscate CBD and CBD products from travelers.

Even worse, agents were also detaining and sometimes arresting people for trying to travel with CBD. In the worst cases, travelers ended up facing felony drug charges.

The findings of this investigation highlight some of the ongoing confusions surrounding CBD laws in the United States. Specifically, there appear to be discrepancies between new provisions passed as part of last year’s federal Farm Bill and state or local law enforcement.

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