How Long Does A Gram Burn Using The Most Popular Smoking Methods

Will a gram burn in a blunt longer than a gram in a joint? Here's how long a gram would burn using some of the most popular smoking methods.

Will a gram burn in a blunt longer than a gram in a joint? We did some research to find out how long a gram would burn using the most popular smoking methods. Which method is the quickest and which will stretch that gram out the longest? Here’s how to get the most bong for your buck.  And the best way to smoke a gram of weed.

One Gram Burn – Joint (10-20 Minutes)

In a YouTube video by Med Kid, you can see him smoking a 1 gram joint by himself. He chats with his viewers while smoking his joint.

It took him a little over 10 minutes to smoke his joint. Some people spend longer rolling one. In another video, two high guys share a king sized gram-filled joint for a little under 20 minutes. Finally, on one of Positive Smash 420’s videos, she spends about 25 minutes smoking her one gram joint.

However, she did leave it unlit for about five minutes to chat with her viewers. So, we’d say it takes about 10 to 20 minutes to comfortably smoke a gram filled joint.

One Gram Burn – Blunt (15-25 Minutes)

In one video, YouTube user, Pro Smoke enjoys an entire one gram blunt with a glass filter tip. It took him about 15 minutes to roll his blunt. Then, another 15 minutes to smoke the blunt.

However, the glass filter tip provides better airflow and better pulls. So, it’s possible the glass tip contributed to the speed of the smoke. Other cannabis users reported 1 gram blunts lasting from 20 to 30 minutes long. We estimate a gram will burn in a blunt for about 15 to 25 minutes.

One Gram Burn – Bong (30 Seconds – 10 Minutes)

The amount of time it takes for you to burn a gram in a bong honestly depends on your lung capacity. If you’ve got a big enough bowl you can pack a whole gram into a single bowl and try smoke the whole thing.

We don’t recommend this to unseasoned smokers. So, the amount of time a gram lasts in a bong depends on how you choose to smoke it. You can spread your gram out into multiple bowl packs. If you’ve got the iron lung, one long hit is all it will take to burn a gram.

For example, Smokey Joe finished his entire gram bowl in just 30 seconds. So, we estimate a gram can burn for about 30 seconds to 10 minutes when used in a bong, making it the quickest consumption method.

Final Hit

It would appear that a gram will burn longer in papers. A bit longer in blunt wraps than joint papers. Blunt wraps usually consist of cigar paper and a tobacco leaf, which is why they burn for longer than joint papers alone. Some people put fronto leaf in their joints to make them burn slower. On the other hand, if you want to annihilate a gram burn in under a minute, bongs are the way to go.

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