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David Irving Retires NFL by Smoking a Joint on Instagram

David Irving Announces Retirement by Smoking a Joint on Instagram


David Irving Retires NFL by Smoking a Joint on Instagram

David Irving quits: “There’s lots of sh*t f*cked up about the NFL.”

As a defensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys from 2015 to 2018, David Irving has given—and taken—plenty of hits. But Thursday night, Irving took the last hit he’ll ever take for the NFL. Live on Instagram, Irving announced his retirement from the league by smoking a joint.

Amid Indefinite Suspension, David Irving Hits a Joint to Announce His Retirement

From Snoop Dogg smoking a joint in front of the White House to protest Trump, to the cannabis parades where hundreds spark up for change, puffing is a form of political protest. And it was no different for ex-Cowboy defensive lineman David Irving, who announced his retirement from the NFL with a powerful statement against the League’s policies from weed to Colin Kaepernick.

“Basically guys, I quit,” said Irving, who is currently on an indefinite suspension for violating the league’s prohibition against cannabis. “They wanna talk about a suspension and all this other nonsense. I’m outta there. I’m not doing this sh*t no more.”

David Irving: ‘The NFL Is Not Football”

But it’s not just Irving’s own suspension that’s driving him to walk away professionally from the game he loves. In fact, Irving cited many reasons: “There’s a lot of sh*t f*cked up about the NFL, man,” Irving said on Instagram Live.

Anyone who follows Irving knows he’s already voiced his opinion on several of those matters. But especially “this medicine right here,” Irving says as he holds up a joint. The NFL, of course, doesn’t see it as medicine at all. But the League definitely supports players’ use of prescription opioids. “We got this opioid thing going on and I’m prescribed all that bullsh*t.”

Over his three-year NFL career, Irving has had to recover from multiple injuries. One of those injuries, a severe concussion, Irving says led to a 2017 car accident. But the League more or less forced Irving to take prescription opioids to deal with his injuries. It’s the only way to stay within the league’s policy guidelines.

For Irving, the League’s weed policy is about more than just smoking weed. “It’s not about smoking weed. It’s much bigger than that,” he said. Yeah, it seems more about controlling players on and off the field than it is about looking out for players’ wellbeing. “I’ll Kaepernick myself before they Kaepernick my ass,” Irving said, referring to the former San Francisco 49er quarterback the League blacklisted over his protest against racism and police brutality.

Is Former Dallas Cowboy Lineman Dave Irving About to Start a Weed Company?

“I appreciate all my true fans who appreciate me,” Irving says on Instagram Live. Then he takes a few puffs. And with that, Irving is out.

But “football does not define me, I’m still a person. I’m still a human being,” Irving said.

Plants over pills,” Irving says. Takes another rip. And signs off.

So what’s next for Irving. The ex-NFL lineman told TMZ he has “big plans in the making.” Taking bets that it has to do with the cannabis biz.

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