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Marijuana Possession Defendant Arrested for Lighting Joint in Court

Marijuana Possession Defendant Arrested for Lighting Joint in Court


Marijuana Possession Defendant Arrested for Lighting Joint in Court

Laughter erupted as Spencer Boston filled a Tennessee courtroom with weed smoke on Monday.

A Lebanon, Tennessee man is currently in custody on disorderly conduct and contempt charges after lighting and smoking a joint in in court. The man, Spencer Boston, was in court for a simple marijuana possession charge, which in Tennessee, is a misdemeanor offense carrying a mandatory $250 fine and maximum one year behind bars. But when he began speaking to the judge about his case, Boston launched into a statement on the need for marijuana legalization. And to drive his point home, Boston decided to offer a hands-on demonstration.

Spencer Boston Was Advocating For Legalization When He Sparked Up

Everyone talks the talk on legalizing marijuana these days. But fewer walk the walk. Or at least, take as confident a stroll as Spencer Alan Boston did in a Tennessee courtroom on Monday.

Boston had been called before General Sessions Judge Haywood Barry to discuss the case against him: a simple marijuana possession charge. But when he got to the podium, Boston began expressing his views on the legalization of marijuana, not the particulars of his case.

As he was doing so, Boston reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a joint. We know it was a joint, because the next thing Boston did was strike a match, light the joint and take a puff. In the middle of the courtroom, directly in front of the judge.

As he exhaled, the smell of marijuana filled the courtroom, and Boston turned around as if to make a point to the people sitting in the courtroom. According to reports, many of those in the courtroom burst out into laughter and cheers. Officers present quickly took Boston into custody while the laughter continued.

Courtroom Stunt Leads to Disorderly Conduct Charges

After smoking weed in front of a judge and the police in a crowded courtroom Monday, Spencer Boston is back in custody. In addition to the first simple marijuana possession charge he was there to discuss, he now faces another possession charge and a disorderly conduct charge.

There’s no word yet on when Boston will appear in court again on these new charges.

But Boston did make one of the most daring stands in support of cannabis legalization in recent memory. Flouting the law he thinks should change, Boston smoked one for everyone who’s locked up or facing criminal charges for simply being in possession of marijuana.

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