6 Ways To Infuse Any Drink With Cannabis

5. Cannabutter

Ideal Pairing: Freshly Brewed Bulletproof Coffee

There are many variations on cannabutter recipes as there are ways to use it. But one of the more novel approaches is using it to infuse a drink with cannabis.

But what kind of drink goes well with butter? One of the trendiest ways is to use it instead of milk or cream to enhance a highly-caffeinated morning brew.

This is called “Bulletproof” coffee, and it’s becoming insanely popular as a revolutionary new way to get caffeinated.

The theory goes like this. Adding butter adds high-fat content to your coffee. And our bodies take longer to metabolize fats than they do sugars. Therefore, the slower your body metabolizes the coffee, the longer and more spread out the caffeine rush.

Overall, you’re left with higher energy and less of a crash. Some diehards think this also tricks your body into burning extra calories. Meaning you can lose weight just by drinking bulletproof coffee.

So why not experience the best of both worlds, and use an uplifting, energizing sativa strain to make some cannabutter? Toss a dab of that in your morning roast, and you’re ready for anything the day could throw at you!

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