Our munchies highlights our staff favorites when it comes to cannabis edibles, trending and viral food content, and more. Munchies are for cannabis enthusiasts to feed their inner hunger with recipes, videos, and news surrounding the world of eating. Have you ever wanted to know how to make cannabis bacon? What about a pineapple bong? Or, alternatively, are you down to get massively baked and hit up the cronut shop? Our writers can and will do all three, and more.

With our munchies recipes, you will be able to stun dinner guests with elaborate cannabis-infused meals, side dishes, and desserts. With an extensively back end of recipes, you are sure to find whatever it is you want to make, and if we don’t have it? Well, don’t worry–we will. We are constantly evolving and seeking out new and innovative cannabis recipes, and this will never stop. Keep on the lookout for a Green Rush Daily cookbook.