Best Restaurants in Chicago For Weed Munchies

Finding the Best Munchies in Pie Town

From the buildings to the pizza pies to the restaurant choices, everything seems to be a bit bigger in Chicago, Illinois. And after a good joint, finding a place to satisfy the munchies can seem daunting. Fear not and look no further! Whether in Chicago for a visit, moving in, or a long-time resident here’s a quick list of 21 of the best restaurants to eat when you have the weed munchies.


This Chicago-based restaurant started off as a 6′ x 12′ shack in 1963. Today, it’s one of Chicago’s favorite fast food joints for hot dogs, burgers, and ribs. But the best menu item and the go to for the munchies is Portillo’s chocolate cake. Not only do they sell by the slice, but whole chocolate cakes as well.

Cheesie’s Pub & Grub

With three different locations in Chicago, Cheesie’s is the go-to place for all things cheese cravings. Here you can find your perfect grilled cheese served on Texas toast. And the cheese doesn’t stop there. Munch away at loaded cheese tots or fried mac n’ cheese bites. If it’s melted with cheese, find it at Cheesie’s.

The Pizza Window

For lunch, for dinner, or for a late night munchies session, the Pizza Window serves giant slices of delicious pizza until 4 am. Whether it’s to sit down or pick up from the window, these giant slices are sure to satisfy your weed munchies.

Chi Cafe

This Chinese cafe in Chicago is open 8am to 4am Sunday to Thursday and 24 hours Friday and Saturday. So whatever the hour, chicken fried rice and beef in a hot pot is available to chow down.

Susie’s Drive-In

For cheap eats open 24 hours daily, Susie’s Drive Thru in Chicago is the place to go at 6 am when the munchies keep knocking. They have everything American diner. But the most satisfying meal for the munchies are the edible bowls. So when you’re done with your chili cheese fries, it doesn’t end there, for the bowl is a taco shell and you can eat that too.

White Castle

Go for the classic, simple fast food joint and grab a sack of sliders from White Castle. This Mid-West chain is sure to satisfy the weed munchies and has without fail since 1921.


Skylark in Lower West Side, Chicago is open late afternoon to early morning. Not only do they have a long list of beers on tap, they’re a full restaurant. But the most notable item on the menu for weed munchies are the basket of tater tots, loaded, and accompanied by 3 dipping sauces, honey mustard, ranch, and barbecue.

River Valley Farmers Table

Chicago’s local farm-to-table grocery store and restaurant is the go-to spot for healthy weed smokers not looking for grease and cheese. They serve brunch and dinner with healthy choices on the menu such as Amish Chicken Pesto and Portabella Chili. Gluten free buns are also available.

The Rocking Horse

With a soothing, dark wood pub vibe, The Rocking Horse is a good spot to grub and relax after a joint. Stop in for delicious poutine, fries with cheese curds and beef gravy or any of the other classic pub meals.

Tamale Spaceship

If the name doesn’t draw you in, the authentic Mexican food will. Not only does Tamale Spaceship have a food truck wandering the city for lost hungry souls, there’s a restaurant at Wicker Park in Chicago. The restaurant draws inspiration from Lucha Libre, a Mexican form of professional wrestling while wearing masks. The lively vibe of the place is sure to enhance your high as well as settle your weed munchies.

Dante’s Pizzeria

Craving New York style pizza in the land of pies? At Dante’s Pizzeria in Chicago you can build your own pizza or munch on hot subs. The theme for their pizza follows Dante’s Inferno. Including the Inferno pizza which features the 9 levels of Hell with poblano, pepperoni, giardiniera, bacon, garlic, jalapeno, sausage, red onion, and banana pepper. This pizza is for those seeking spice in their munchies.


Another farm-to-table restaurant in Chicago, Fork was rated #1 in Chicken & Waffles by Thrillist. A mouthwatering combination of fried chicken, waffle, candied bacon with spiced pecans and maple syrup. Though you’ll only find the chicken and waffles during brunch hours, the restaurant is open all day and into the night with their bar.

Glazed & Infused

There’s nothing better than a warm, doughy treat after a good joint. At Glazed and Infused, munch on the best donuts in Chicago while you’re dazed and confused. And for the times you have the munchies but not the capacity to move, Glazed and Infused delivers in the Chicago area.


Experience America’s Lowcountry Cajun flavor in Chicago. Though mixing weed munchies and seafood can get quite messy, diving head first into crawfish with Cajun spice is glorious. Don’t forget to finish it off with sugar powdered Beignets or deep fried Oreos.

Fatso’s Last Stand

It only stands to reason that at Fatso’s Last Stand you will find the best food for when your stomach has no limit. Call it comfort food or fattening food, who cares? When you have the munchies embrace the Ooey Gooey Burger, two smashed beef patties stuffed with melted cheddar cheese between two buns.

Big Star

This late-night honky-tonk inspired joint in Chicago’s Wicker Park is the place to be for taco-slinging. Craving a mound of tacos to subside the weed munchies? Big Star has 15 different tacos to choose from.

Dimo’s Pizza

In Wrigleyville and Wicker Park, Dimo’s Pizza has the classic Chicago pies for the weed munchies. Not only is this a great place for pizza, Dimo’s is a for-profit business raising funds for programs supporting the art, education, and bicycle advocacy. So not only will you feel good munching on pizza, but feel great supporting a cause.

Del Seoul

Inspired by Korean “street food,” Del Seoul is a fast serving food joint in Chicago. With traditional and modern fusion Korean BBQ dishes, Del Seoul is a perfect place to go for easy, quick, delicious food.

Quenchers Saloon

For beer, music, and munchies check out Quenchers Saloon. And for the weed munchies, order the Tater Tot Pizza, a Quenchers original menu item. This pie comes stacked with tater tots, cheddar jack cheese, green onion, bacon, and a hint of marinara, the perfect combo to quench the munchies.

Nutella Cafe

America’s first Nutella cafe has opened this year and it’s in Chicago. In the downtown area, enter the door shaped like a Nutella jar and munch away on the delicious hazelnut spread filled-in pastries.

Rockit Burger Bar

In Wrigleyville, Chicago, Rockit Burger Bar has the best weed munchie meal imaginable. The Mac & Cheese Attack is an Angus burger with lettuce, tomato, scallions, sriracha ketchup, chipotle mayo wedged between two fried mac and cheese buns. This burger is rated one of the top ten crazy burgers to try before you die and featured on Good Morning America. And everything tastes ten times better after a dank joint.

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