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First Cannabis Cafe License in the US Approved in West Hollywood

First Cannabis Cafe License in the US Approved in West Hollywood


First Cannabis Cafe License in the US Approved in West Hollywood

The US is a step closer to opening the nation’s first legal cannabis cafe.

Legalization in the United States is about to enter a new phase, as the nation’s first-ever cannabis café is now set to open in West Hollywood. The possibility of such weed-friendly businesses has been floated in multiple states and cities across the country. But none have actually opened for business. Now, that’s about to change.

West Hollywood Is About to Get First-Ever Cannabis Café

As per local news source ABC7, the city of West Hollywood may have just made marijuana history. That’s because last night the city’s Business License Commission approved a license for what could become the nation’s first cannabis café.

With that license now in place, the café is reportedly cleared to move forward with plans to open for business.

According to early business plans, the new marijuana business will be called Lowell Café. Further, plans show that the cafe will include the following amenities and features:

  • The primary cannabis consumption space will reportedly be outdoors. But in keeping with rules and regulations, the consumption space will be entirely separated and secluded from the street on which the business will be located.
  • The café will serve customers from a menu of goods that contain THC, CBD, or both.
  • Additionally, the café will give customers the option to order edible products, along with options for smoking and vaping cannabis.
  • Rounding out the café’s offerings, the business will reportedly have a food menu as well.

Even though the café just received the necessary licenses from the city of West Hollywood, it is unclear at this time when the Lowell Café will be open for business.

Cannabis Cafés Have Been Hard to Get Off the Ground

While the Lowell Café is now on pace to become the first cannabis café to open shop in the U.S., it is far from the first time such a business has been attempted.

In fact, even in West Hollywood, there has been a lot of activity surrounding the idea. Specifically, the city has approved licenses for a total of eight consumption-type businesses.

And the idea of public cannabis consumption spaces, including cannabis cafés, has been floated in other parts of the country.

As far back as three years ago, Alaska considered the possibility of allowing cannabis cafés. In 2016, the state considered legislation that would have allowed for such businesses.

At the time, rules drafted by the Alaska Marijuana Control Board would have allowed for something resembling Amsterdam’s cannabis café scene. But still, to this date, no marijuana cafés exist in the state.

Similar ideas have surfaced in Colorado. There, legalization advocates have pointed to the contradictions in making it legal to purchase, possess, and consume marijuana, but then not providing any publicly accessible places to consume it.

As a result, lawmakers have considered the possibility of businesses such as cannabis cafés. But as with Alaska, no fully dedicated cannabis cafés exist yet.

And most recently, authorities in Massachusetts have stated that cannabis cafés are possible—but it would take years before any could go into business.

The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission has the authority to allow for publicly accessible cannabis consumption spaces. But last year, authorities confirmed that policymakers are not planning to take action on this front in the foreseeable future.

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