Défoncé Chocolates Are Fancier Than Godiva And They Get You Blitzed

Nowadays you can find many cannabis edibles that taste better than their non-weed counterparts. In fact, the weed game has brought chocolate making to a whole new level. There are now many artisans crafting cannabis-infused chocolate for a legal market. One of the classiest edible packages with the finest ingredients is Défoncé. Their chocolate and the process they use to infuse weed makes them stand out from the rest.

Single Source Cannabis

One of the ways Défoncé sets themselves apart from the rest of the edibles is their consistent supply of cannabis. They aren’t just grabbing the most affordable buds from any available source. In fact, the company only uses cannabis from a single farm. Located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, these buds are specially grown.

Their farms use complex composting methods to build soil. As a result, fertilizer is no longer needed to grow their weed. That’s one of the most natural methods of growing ever heard of in cannabis farming. The farm claims the method improves soil health. In fact, their plants measure up to 16 feet in height and 30 feet in width.

Lab Tested

Several edible brands have mislabeled THC levels. That could be why that 100mg bag of gummy worms didn’t get you high. The reason this happens is that marijuana businesses in California are not accountable for mislabeling dosages. Usually, an organization like the FDA would regulate and ensure accurate labels are on each product. However, the legal status of cannabis prevents an organization like this from existing.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution: lab testing. Défoncé has a partnership with CW Analytical Laboratories. They test there to help ensure quality assurance. Every cannabis sample has to go through the following tests:

  • Cannabinoid profile
  • Terpene profile
  • Microbiological/residual solvent analysis
  • Mycotoxin screening
  • Pesticide screening

This rigorous process illustrates the company’s commitment to safety and overall quality. They don’t have to worry about the quality of the cannabis from their only source: Hummingbird Medicals.

As an added bonus the terpene profiling from lab testing makes it easy for them to pair the flavors of certain strains with the right kind of chocolate. Terpenes are what provide the aroma and smell in cannabis plants.

Clean Extraction Process

The final piece of the Défoncé puzzle is their extraction. That’s right they use dabs instead of cannabutter. They don’t want to compromise the quality of their product when turning it to a concentrate. So their extractors, Sublime Concentrates, use one of the safest extraction methods: CO2.

CO2 is nontoxic, approved by the FDA for use in food products, unlike butane. Their CO2 extraction is solvent-free and environmentally friendly. The CO2 they use does not contribute to the overall atmospheric levels.

The chocolate makers introduce dabs late into the chocolate-making process. Cannabis concentrates and chocolate are stirred in a way that evenly distributes the THC through each batch. Then, they pour the chocolate into molds that ensure every bar contains 180mg of THC and 10mg per individual section. That’s 18 servings!

Final Hit

There aren’t many other companies in California going through the trouble to make sure their edibles are this good. So if you want quality and consistency every time give Défoncé chocolatiers a shot.

" Ab Hanna : @https://twitter.com/dabhanna Ab is an East Coast editor for Green Rush Daily. He enjoys learning new information about cannabis and cannabis products through research and experience. His work is also featured in High Times Magazine.."