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The 8 Best Infused Edible Chocolate Bars

The 6 Best Infused Edible Chocolate Bars


The 8 Best Infused Edible Chocolate Bars

A list of the best infused edible chocolate bars available on the market today. All infused edible chocolate bars have positive reviews.

What are the best infused chocolate bars on the market?

Chocolate is one of the most commonly infused cannabis edibles. As marijuana becomes legalized in more states the number of people with access to edibles is increasing. In fact, the growing demand has created a huge variety of infused edible chocolate bars on the market today. However, not every infused chocolate bar is made the same.

Some companies have been caught “fudging” about their dosages. The reason is marijuana businesses in California are not accountable for mislabeling dosages. Usually, an organization like the FDA would regulate and ensure accurate labels are on each product. However, the legal status of cannabis prevents an organization like this from existing.

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell who is lying without getting the edible lab tested for THC. However, this is not something many people can go ahead and do with every one of their edible purchases, just like we can’t do with each of the foods we buy.

So, it is important to find an infused edible chocolate bar that you can trust. No single infused chocolate bar will be best for everyone. What is the best infused chocolate bar for a beginner? For someone with a high tolerance?

Not to worry, we’ll get into those details in our list of the best infused edible chocolate bars available on the market today. We’ve excluded any company with a history of mislabeling from our list. The following infused edible chocolate bars are well-known and with positive ratings.

8. Incredibles

Best Infused Edible Chocolate Bars

Incredibles was founded in 2010. They are recognized as the number one infused chocolate edibles in Colorado.

The company is known for quality and consistency for both concentrates and edibles.

Their cannabis-infused chocolates have placed several times in Cannabis Cup competitions.

Most edibles in Colorado are 100 mg due to new restrictions. The Salted Pistachio Mint Bar by Incredibles is also 100 mg with perfect lab results.

It’s safe to say that each piece contains 10 mg as advertised. Judges praised the “yummy salted pistachio mint taste.”


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