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Bong Appétit Returns As A Cooking Competition Show With Host B-Real

Bong Appétit Returns As A Cooking Competition Show With Host B-Real
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Bong Appétit Returns As A Cooking Competition Show With Host B-Real

Bong Appétit returns with a new format and a new host.

Bong Appétit host Abdullah Saeed left the network in the wake of sexual harassment allegations against Vice. He left viewers wondering if there would ever be a season 3 of Bong Appetit. After about a year with no update from the network on the fate of the next season, it appears the show must go on.

A producer on the show announced that they will be returning with a new season and new host: B-Real of Cypress Hill, who recently opened his own dispensary.

Bong Appétit Won’t Be The Same

The host won’t be the only thing changing with the new season, the dinner party format is going out the window as well. Instead, the reboot will have a similar format to Cooking on High, Netflix’s low-budget attempt at a competitive cannabis cooking show.

Viceland’s version already feels like a step up in production with the inclusion of B-Real, a celebrity host recognized in the cannabis world.

Not to mention, season 3 of Bong Appétit features judges with professional experience cooking and eating infused dishes. One judge is Vanessa Lavorato of MariGold Sweets, who was a co-host on previous seasons of the show. The second judge announced is Chef Miguel Trinidad, who has hosted many secret high-end cannabis dinner parties.

There are a few things we’ll miss about the first two seasons of Bong Appétit that we probably won’t see with the new format.

First, is the science and chemistry side of things. Ry Prichard, the cannabis specialist on the show would often educate audiences on all things weed. Since the reboot will be a cooking show and he won’t be returning, we’re not sure how much weed science we’ll be learning in the upcoming season.

By the end of season 2, Bong Appétit successfully combined cannabis and food in a way that connected audiences with many different cultures. Most episodes focused on the cuisine of a certain culture with chefs from relevant backgrounds finding ways to infuse cannabis into dishes they hold close to home. With a number of chefs competing, Season 3 won’t be able to spend as much time diving into each culture.

Season 3 of Bong Appétit

While there could be less of an educational and cultural aspect to the new season, we’re still looking forward to it. Cooking on High was exciting when it was announced but the debut fell short of expectations. Hopefully, the team behind Bong Appétit can get it right with their reboot. The date for the season premiere has yet to be announced.

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