Women Have Majority Ownership In 57% Of Cannabusinesses

A joint report from New Frontier Data and Women Grow says that women have majority ownership of cannabis businesses. This is good. Trust us.

A new survey indicates that women have majority ownership in 57 percent of weed businesses. This percentage isn’t just significant because of the number. It is significant because of the implications. Here’s the latest in the world of women and weed.

The Survey

A newly released report offers some pretty interesting and optimistic insights into the world of legal cannabis businesses. The weed-centric data and analytics company New Frontier Data teamed up with the organization Women Grow to develop a report about gender and racial equality in cannabusinesses.

The official report is titled “Diversity in Cannabis Report.”

It evaluated six key points in the industry. The keys were cannabis usage, diversity in upper management, diversity and inclusion in business strategy, and compensation and benefits. Additionally, sexual harassment and gender and racial discrimination were examined.

Women Grow and New Frontier Data used surveys from over 1,700 people in the weed industry to get their results.

One particular result proved to be particularly interesting. On the subject of gender equality, the two groups found that 57 percent of people working in the industry said that they worked for companies where at least half the ownership were women. Furthermore, 30 percent of the survey participants said that in their companies, women were in all ownership positions.

While these figures are both groundbreaking and glass ceiling shattering, not every finding of the report was so positive.

According to the founder and CEO of New Frontier Data, Giadha Aguirre de Carcer, although women have majority ownership in the cannabis space, they cannot say the same for racial minorities. De Carcer acknowledged that it’s an area that needs to improve.

Women in the Cannabis Business

So why are we making such a big deal about this report?

Basically, because gender inequality is still a huge issue. Especially in business.

Legal cannabis is still such a new industry. So there is not a well-established system and culture of workplace misogyny and sexism. Thanks to the newness of the industry, women business owners and executives are able to claim their place in the industry right off the bat. Unlike older industries, there seems to be less pressure for women to fight and work twice as hard to get half as far as their male counterparts.

Not to say there isn’t pressure. There definitely is. And even though there appears to be less sexism doesn’t mean that the cannabis industry is totally devoid of it.

Final Hit: Women Have Majority Ownership In 57% Of Cannabusinesses

Organizations like New Frontier Data and Women Grow are absolutely vital to the cannabis industry. As legalization spreads and the industry grows, we need companies and organizations dedicated solely to examining and analyzing weed businesses and industries.

We also need organizations like Women Grow to empower women to lean in and take center stage in this industry that’s still in its infancy. Without the leaders at Women Grow, we might not have been able to have the report that women have majority ownership of a significant number of businesses.

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