Best High-End Bongs For Ballers

High-End Bongs for Dedicated Smokers with Cash to Spend

When we’re talking about high-end bongs, we’re talking about glass that costs anywhere from $1,000 and up. But what makes a bong cost that much? And is it really worth the investment?

There are a few key variables. The artist, the amount of time it took to craft, the complexity of the bong, and the rarity of the final product all factor into the price. In a lot of ways, the glass industry is kind of like the fashion industry. Glass makers who craft high-end bongs produce some incredible pieces—but they come with hefty price tags.

In the world of high-end glass you get what you pay for. And if you’re ready to shell out a few G’s, you can get your hands on a piece that’ll blow you away. So if you feel like balling out, here are the best high-end bongs for $1,000 and up.

Illadelph Coil Waterpipe with Built-in Ashcatcher ($1,000)


In the world of high-end bongs, this piece by Illadelph is on the affordable end. It comes in at a cool $1,000 but the matching extras, function, and quality make the price well worth it.

Illadelph is a name associated with quality and class. They’ve been making high-end functional borosilicate glass art since 2002.

Their name hints to the place of origin: Philadelphia. The pride Illadelph takes in its products parallels the pride Philadelphians have in their city.

To guarantee authenticity and quality, only select authorized retailers can carry their products. You can locate authorized dealers on their website.

The Illadelph Coil Waterpipe with a built-in ashcatcher will handle all of your dry herb needs.

The glycerin coil can be separated from the rest of the bong and placed in a freezer. Glycerin doesn’t freeze and won’t expand like water in a freezer. It just gets cold and stays that way, perfect for producing extra cool hits.

Additionally, the built-in ash catcher will filter and cool the smoke one additional time before it gets to you.

Illadelph’s glass is relatively thick, especially when compared to other bongs on this list. That makes it more likely to survive a fall than most bongs.

One of the best things about this piece is that it comes with a free matching Santa Cruz Shredder grinder. The bowl head it comes with matches the rest of the piece and has a built-in glass screen.

JM Flow Sci Glass Mega Tornado Recycler with Sprinkler Perc ($1,100)

JM Flow Sci Glass Mega "Tornado" Recycler with Signature Moon Ball Perc

JM Flow Sci Glass has unique percolators that provide some of the best water filtration on the market today.

The company is based out of Riverside, California and they focus specifically on making scientific glass. The brand is also popular among concentrate users.

JM Flow’s Mega Tornado Recycler highlights some of their signature filtration like the moon ball and sprinkler percs.

Each airflow passageway has been meticulously thought out to ensure maximum filtration without too much effort to pull.

First, smoke travels through the stem and then the inline perc, which launches smoke and bubbles into the upper chamber.

From there, the moon ball perc pushes water up and into the water-spinning chamber where it creates a vortex.

The water spins until well after you’re done hitting the rig. This maximizes the amount of filtration you get on every draw.

The skinny bent neck mouthpiece will prevent any of the spinning water from splashing up into your mouth.

Finally, the colored glass and spinning water looks cool. It’s the perfect thing to look at while you take your rip.

Leisure Glass Swiss Tree Incycler ($1,100)

Swiss Tree Incycler

Leisure Glass is owned and operated by a well-known Southern California glassblower named Luke Wilson. He’s been blowing glass for over a decade and his company focuses on scientific glass.

Leisure Glass pieces are made from durable American glass. They have pieces for flowers and concentrates.

If you’re looking for some high-end glass that will work perfect for both a flower bong and an oil rig check out the Leisure Glass Swiss Tree Incycler.

This piece comes with 2 percs: a gridded puck base and a pillar swiss tree perc.

First, smoke travels through the fixed stem into the puck base perc where it gets filtered for the first time.

Then, bubbles and smoke travel up the narrow 6 pillar swiss tree perc into the upper chamber housing. This is the Incycler, and it provides another crucial round of water filtration.

Water fills the Incycler chamber where it spins and drains back down into the first chamber. This process ensures clean, cool, and filtered smoke for a smooth hit every time.

Peyote Pillar By Sovereignty Glass ($1,100-$1,600)

Sovereignty Glass Full Size Natty Neck Peyote Pillar

The Peyote and Pillar percolator combination is one of the best high-end bongs for smoking dry herb. Users of the Peyote Pillar by Sovereignty Glass have found that the pillar perc provides the perfect balance of flavor and heat reduction.

The pillar percolator reduces the overall volume of the water pipe, which makes it easier to clear as well.

Larger pieces can often be hard to clear, but the Peyote Pillar makes ripping huge amounts of smoke smooth and easy.

As you start pulling in, smoke immediately travels into a dry chamber. Then the smoke enters the Peyote perc ball through a hole in the middle of the pillars.

Bubbles and smoke then travel up the 12 pillars, and the bubbles continue to stack up until they reach the top of the upper chamber.

When you remove the bowl, a huge flow of flavorful and smooth smoke will quickly clear out of the piece and into your lungs.

The Peyote gives you the feel of an OG tube, but without the harsh hits. They’re expensive but their quality is unmatched.

The Mothership Fab Egg ($2,800+)

Mothership Fab Egg

Mothership is one of the most sought after names in the glass industry today. Every one of their high-end bongs is created in-house for maximum quality control. The amount of time, energy, and focus that goes into each piece makes the supply extremely limited.

When head shops get a new shipment of Mothership glass, they’re usually sold out that same day. And each piece sells for well over a thousand dollars.

So far, the fan favorite from Mothership Glass seems to be the Fab Egg water pipe. This model is the product that Mothership came up with when they wanted to make something both functional and artistic.

And it looks like they succeeded. The design has won numerous awards, and it’s developed a reputation as being one of the best-functioning bongs in the world.

The key feature of the Fab Egg is its egg-shaped design. Not only does it look cool AF, it’s also incredibly functional. In fact, this design makes the Fab Egg one of the first pieces to use the body of the bong as a perc.

The Fab Egg is designed for use with concentrates but you can also use it for dry herbs.

The smoke travels down the fixed joint into the Egg’s lower percolation chamber. Then, it reaches the three, four, or five “Seed of Life” percs, each containing 18 holes, or “petals.”

Scott Deppe, head of Mothership Glass, etched a top-functioning and aesthetically pleasing perc.

After traveling through the Seed of Life percs, the water and smoke bubble up and dance at the top of the egg as you continue to pull.

This is one of the most innovative and best-functioning percolators on the market, and it’s paired with one of the most functional bong designs on the market today.

Final Hit

Most of the best percolator designs can be replicated and mass-produced so that consumers can more easily afford them. But that doesn’t make them true high-end bongs.

In fact, it’s rare for the copy to match the quality of the original. So if you want the real deal you’ll still have to ball out.

For example, the Fab Egg’s distinctive egg design has been copied by many other glass makers. But if you want the full effect of the perfectly symmetrical Seed of Life perc, you won’t find it in a knock off. You can only get it with an authentic piece of Mothership Glass.

In fact, that kind of exclusivity is exactly why Mothership and other premiere glass makers can charge so much. You literally can’t get that level of detail, artistry, and craftsmanship any other way. You just have to be ready to drop some baller-level cash. But if you’re serious about getting the best smoke of your life, it’s worth it.

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