Replace Your Morning Coffee With These 4 Strains

We all know that if we don’t wake up every morning with a cup of Joe in our hands the day is off to a terrible, horrible, ugly start. We recommend these four strains to replace your morning coffee.

Chocolate Chunk Strain

Yes, coffee is not in the name, but do not let this fool you. Chocolate Chunk is a pure indica that will hit you hard with the relaxation vibes.

This coffee aroma will have you melted into the couch almost immediately after you smoke, relieving any anxiety or panic attacks.

Chocolate Chunk is the equivalent of an after-dinner coffee that frees you from all stress. This strain will cure any forms of insomnia or trouble getting comfortable for bed.

Cream Caramel Strain

Think of this strain as your Basic girl coffee drink, complete with whipped cream and caramel drizzle. Cream Caramel is an indica dominated hybrid that is high in THC resin, which gives it a refined sugar like texture.

The coffee aroma is strong with this strain and is also accompanied by a honey aroma as well to send you off into a deep sleep.

The primary medicinal use for Cream Caramel is for the relief of insomnia, so smoke this strain before bed and drift off into Java slumber.

Super Cat Piss Strain

Don’t let the upfront name turn you off from this strain. The smell and aroma of Super Cat Piss is a strong coffee flavor that is incredibly energizing.

This sativa strain is like a double espresso that promotes energetic and euphoric feelings, rather than relaxing vibes.

Super Cat Piss can be used as a natural remedy for stress or social anxiety because it gives the smoker a giggly high.

Another great medicinal use for this strain is to ease feeling sick to your stomach or nausea. This strain would be the instant hangover cure, so swap out your coffee and try Super Cat Piss.

Karma Bitch Strain

Karma is the belief that right is in the universe, and this strain proves it. Karma Bitch is a perfect hybrid, half sativa, half indica, which balance out to give an uplifting, yet cerebral high.

The aroma coffee accompanied by an earthy smell, which reminds the smoker of the herbal qualities of this strain.

Karma bitch also gives the smoker a boost of creative energy, which makes this strain perfect for days when you need a little pick me up.

" Missy Amato : Missy is a Green Rush Daily writer hailing from Jamaica, Queens. She's a slam poet, writer, and cannabis enthusiast/connoisseur.."