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New Las Vegas Dispensary Will Have A Brewery, Coffee Shop And Games

New Las Vegas Dispensary Will Have A Brewery, Coffee Shop And Food
Planet 13


New Las Vegas Dispensary Will Have A Brewery, Coffee Shop And Games

On November 1, Planet 13 will try to “out-Vegas Vegas’ as the world’s first cannabis superstore.

Former Henderson, Nevada mayor Bob Groesbeck and City Councilman Larry Scheffler had a vision. What if, instead of a typical corner cannabis dispensary, there was a weed superstore. What if, instead of selling just cannabis products, this mega-dispensary also served coffee and snacks. Imagine if it had a brewery. Such is the vision behind Planet 13. And when the “The Greatest Marijuana Dispensary on Planet Earth” opens on November 1 this year, it will become a reality.

Planet 13 Super Dispensary Hopes To “Out-Vegas Vegas”

On November 1, the doors to Las Vegas’ Planet 13 dispensary will open to a 40,000 square-foot marijuana dispensary. And that will be phase one of a project that when completed, will offer guests 112,000 square feet of marijuana purchasing experiences.

Planet 13 won’t be a casino. The Nevada Gaming Control Act prohibits casinos from any involvement in the state’s legal retail cannabis industry.

But it will be just about everything else. Planet 13 will essentially be cannabis supermarket, with 45 checkout registers total. But it will also be a feast for the senses. Pressure-activated floor panels will light up with games or different colors as customers stroll the aisles. Floating, illuminated orbs will cruise through the air. Customers will even be able to tag their names using “laser graffiti” throughout the building.

Groesbeck has a modest goal for the Planet 13 super dispensary. “Out-Vegas Vegas” with a destination store that appeals to the non-gambler.

But all those entertaining amenities have one shortcoming. Legally, you can’t consume cannabis in a dispensary. Nevada law only allows cannabis consumption in a private residence.

Democratic Candidate for Governor Could Green Light Public Cannabis Consumption

That rule could change, however, if the Democratic gubernatorial candidate and incumbent Clark County Commissioner, Steve Sisolak, is elected in November.

Sisolak has, in fact, already toured the Planet 13 facility during its first phase of construction. And seeing what it had to offer, he wants to allow public cannabis consumption on site in dispensaries.

Las Vegas, an entertainment mecca, already considered the possibility of social cannabis lounges. But they passed on the issue last year. According to reports on the ground, however, Las Vegas police don’t seem to be taking the ban on cannabis consumption very seriously.

Currently, Denver is the only city in America that allows people to smoke weed in a public venue. If Las Vegas were to become the second, venues like Planet 13 would no doubt become prime destinations for cannabis consumers.

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